Triveni Terrace Cafe, Mandi House – Restaurant Review #2

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How have you all been? The books, products, and websites reviews have been a handful for me. Apart from that I have travelogue and being bridesmaid posts coming along too. To add to that, I started off with restaurant reviews this week with Amdavadi restaurant. Today, I am going to take you to Delhi. Nah, I am not reviewing a Delhi cuisine in Chennai, but I am going to review a restaurant (or was it a café?) located in Delhi. Before that, follow me on Zomato here (you will love my suggestions and reviews).

Unlike other places of my trip, Delhi was not a tourist/travelling place for me, I chose to hang out with friends; eat, shop, and gossip. My friend A calls it a perfect girls’ day out. I am not going to reveal much about the day here (detailed post coming up). I am just going to review this fantastic place called Triveni Terrace Café.

View from the outdoor seating 🙂

Location: The place is located at this address: 205, Tan Sen Marg, Opposite FICCI Auditorium, Mandi House, New Delhi. Finding this place is an easy-peasy job. Get down at Mandi House metro station, walk toward the Art Heritage Gallery i.e. Triveni Kala Sangam and you can find this place inside that.

Outdoor seating roof
Outdoor seating roof

Ambiance: This place has two-way seating: indoor & outdoor. The outdoor is garden-facing with cute, half-open roof (see the picture). The indoor seating is just like any other café. This place serves awesome lunch menu till 3:30 PM (the place is open from 10 AM to 7 PM, though), and do hurry up as you might not get seats (Yeah, the seats are limited). We waited for 15 minutes.

Service: The service was decently quick, and the staff were courteous. The cutlery were quite nice for a café, and the concept of placing bill in a small basket was interesting (forgot to click pic, check out for yourself). Sadly, cards are not accepted. Go ready with cash!

Food: Now, this is going to be extensive. We were three people and we ordered 3 Gobi Paranthas, 1 Kadhi Pakora, 1 Veg Thali, 3 Aam Panna, 1 Bun Tikki, and 1 Sabudana Kichidi. We were all veggies, but this place does serve some splendid non-veg food (Don’t miss their fish gravy).

Bun Tikki: The color was little scary, but then it turned out to be spectacular in taste. Stuffed with Aloo Tikki inside a bun with a humungous spread of sauces and chutneys, this one is worth a try.

Yummilicious Bun Tikki

Sabudhana Kichidi: Very mild in flavor, this can be eaten as a light brunch, but we made the mistake of ordering it post lunch so we couldn’t really relish it to the fullest. This is served with a jar of pudhina chutney (well, the jars are cuteeeeee ❤ )

Wholesome, nutritious Sabudhana Kichidi
Wholesome, nutritious Sabudhana Kichidi

Gobi Paranthas: Hot and tasted like mom-made paranthas (FTR, mom makes splendid paranthas).

Hot Paranthas with Steaming Kadhi Pakoras
Hot Paranthas with Steaming Kadhi Pakoras

Kadhi Pakora: Tempered with spices and chilly, this dahi gravy with besan pakoras were definitely my favorite dish from the restaurant.

Aam Panna: I was reluctant in taking this, but my friends insisted. That was the best decision. This aam panna is unlike any other aam panna I’ve add. It is juicy, fleshy (well, I couldn’t come up with another better adjective for what I intend to tell), and yummy. This is another must try.

Fleshy (:P) aam panna
Fleshy (:P) aam panna

Veg Thali: The veg thali consisted of 2 Rotis (small and thin), a small bowl of plain pulao, a small bowl of palak paneer, a small bowl of dal, a small bowl of eggplant gravy, a papad, a small bowl of salad (onion, tomato, coriander, etc – finely chopped), a small bowl of mix raitha. The rotis were nice, but too small. The pulao was decently fine. The palak paneer, dal, and papad were good too. The eggplant gravy was yummy and so was the raitha.

Veg Thali - Elegant and Sufficient
Veg Thali – Elegant and Sufficient

VFM: All the dishes I listed above together with taxes costed 903 INR. That is almost 1000 for 3 people, who were terribly full and satisfied. The food is totally worth the cost.

Do I recommend? Yes.

Will I visit again? Yes, when I am in Delhi again.

Overall rating: 4.5/5 (As they don’t accept cards, and there is no pre-reservation system).

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