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Most of you would know that I am a food critic too. Yeah, see that lovely Zomato Widget on my blog’s sidebar? Click on it and follow me. Well, it is high time that I start to do more restaurant reviews on my blog. Let me start this category of posts that would be called “Restaurant Reviews,” with one of my most favorite restaurants – Amdavadi.

Before getting into detailed review of the restaurant, let me quickly let you know about this site called ASKME. You can find restaurants, salons, spas, and what not in your city, using this website. My friend came across this restaurant at Ask Me and asked me if we good catch up there (LOL, the word play wasn’t intentional).

So, here is the restaurant review:


This place is way too easy to be missed out. Yes, this place despite being right on the North Boag Road can be easily missed because it has a very home-like exteriors. The first time I went to this place, I mistook it too be an apartment, and then after I went in I thought it is a temple. Anyway, to find this place, you need to locate the Pazhamudir Nilayam in the North Boag Road, this restaurant is just adjacent to it. Also, another landmark is Health & Glow, North Boag Road. This is just opposite to the H&G outlet.


The best thing about this place is the ambiance. If you are person like me who would love to dine only in places with splendid ambiance then this is the one for you. Take a look by yourself.


After Gujarati Mandal, there wasn’t a single restaurant in Chennai that I would prefer for Gujju food. Rajdhani was close second, but they had no a-la-carte. When I visited this place, I know where to head when I have cravings for Dhoklas and Fafdas. The food served here is 90-95% authentic, 98% tasty, and 100% fresh.


The service is quite quick, friendly, and amicable. The waiters are courteous, and they explain you the dishes too.


The menu is widespread. Although, it doesn’t cover all the Gujarati dishes, it does cover a major chunk of them. I ordered a Veg Thali (this is a pure veg place – Duh!), Sabudhana Vada, and Khandvis (not in pics – ate before clicking :P).


Totally worthy. For two, it would cost somewhere between 400-1000 bucks based on your appetite.

Recommended Dishes

I’d recommend everything, but asked to pick the best two, then it is “Thepla with the Guava Gravy and Sabudhana Vadas.”

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Try this restaurant and let me know your views in comments.

Disclaimer: Any restaurant review is based on personal opinion and the review holds valid for 3 months from the date of publishing as food taste and quality are subject to change.

This is an honest review for Amdavadi restaurant in collaboration with #AskMeFood Campaign


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