My Daily/Weekly Care Routine – Skin, Hair, Body, Lips, Eye, and Face

Hi, gorgeous people,

I was viewing video of an MUA’s skin care routine, and one of my colleagues suggested me to do the same. As my designated photo/videographer, my bro, is not in town (he is in Mumbai, he is a travel freak just like me πŸ˜› ) I opted to do a blog post instead. I hope I would do a video next month, when we both are in town.

Here you go, the beauties:

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Okay, so what is what? Well, this is not a review (a separate review for each product will come up soon) As of now, I will just mention the products, when and why I use them.

A. Himalaya Haul – 12 -June -2015

WP_20150612_016I went to the Himalaya store near my place and got these yesterday. Trust me, all these cost under Rs. 250.

1. Himalaya Refreshing & Clarifying Toner
When: Twice a day – After washing face
Why: To close open pores and to give a refreshing feel

2. Himalaya Lip Balm
When: Twice a day – After I wake up & Before I sleep
Why: To prevent lips from dryness

3. Himalaya Face Moisturizer
When: Twice a day – Morning & Night – After Toner
Why: To moisturize the face (I have a normal skin, so I opted a basic moisturizer, if you have an oily skin, go for gel one, and if you have a dry skin, go for intensive moisturizer)

4. Himalaya Almond & Cucumber Peel Off
When: Once a week – After Wash & Scrub
Why: To peel off dry skin and blemishes

B. Hair, Face, and Fragrance:


5. Sunsilk Shampoo + Conditioner (Dream soft & smooth)
When: Alternate days
Why: Those who have seen me knows how unruly and thick my hair is. My bestie, S, calls it a perfect LEO hair, just like a lion’s mane. Well, to even put my hair into a simple pony, I need this shampoo & conditioner.

6. Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil
When: Days that I shampoo (15-30 mins before oiling)
Why: MOM says so! – Enough said

7. Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Face Wash
When: Twice a day
Why: Cleanse the face (This face wash is too good & mild for me)

8. Garnier White Complete – Day & Night Creams
When: Day cream at mornings & Night creams before sleeping (after washing face, applying toner, moisturizer and sunscreen[in days])
Why: To keep skin protected and also to remove blemishes.

9. Activelle Anti-perspirant 24h Deodorant Invisible
When: Once every morning, after bath (in bare underarms)
Why: To have a fresh, anti-perspirant feel

10. Revlon Charlie Gold Perfumed Body Spray
When: After Activelle, on clothes
Why: To smell good

C. Some Random Tubes:


11. Jovees Aloe Vera Gel With SPF-15Β 
When: After sun exposure
Why: To cool skin

12. Oriflame Feet Up Fresh Berries Raspberry – Foot Scrub
When: Once a week
Why: To remove dead cells

13. Oriflame Feet Up Overnight Moisturising Foot Cream
When: Every night
Why: To moisturize my feet

14. W2 Strawberry Moisturizer
When: Every day (for body)
Why: To moisturize my body

15. Oriflame Caring Hand Cream with Olive Oil
When: Every night
Why: To moisturize my hands

16. Lakme Lip Love
When: Every day (when I am out)
Why: Protects my lip and gives a nice pink tint

17. H&G Hand sanitizer
When: When I feel like
Why: To cleanse and sanitize my hands

18. Spraymintt Mouth Freshener (IceMint)
When: When I feel bad breath (that’s so rare – except when I munch onions)
Why: To smell fresh πŸ˜›

D. Another Set of Randoms


19. Ponds Black Beauty Face Wash
When: After sun or pollution exposure
Why: To remove tans, pollution exposure

20. Lotus Safe Sun Matte Sunscreen Gel SPF 50
When: Morning after toner (and reapplication whenever needed)
Why: To protect from sun

21. Ponds Silk Cream
When: Whenever my elbow or knee dries
Why: To protect elbows & knees

22. Biotique Bio Almond Eye Cream (Reviewed)When: Night before sleep
Why: To remove dark circles

23. Ponds Blackheads Removal Scrub
When: Weekly once
Why: To remove blackheads

24. Kara Refreshing Face Wipes
When: When required
Why: To clean face on the go

25. V-Wash
When: Everyday while bathing
Why: To keep the vaginal area clean and dry

E. Scrub & Dental Care (Weird Combo – LOL)


26. Lotus Apricot Scrub
When: Face & Body – Once a week
Why: To scrub off dead cells

27. Sensodyne Repair & Protect Brush & Paste
When: Twice a day
Why: To keep the sensitivity of my teeth away

Apart from these I use Margo Original Neem soap for clean & clear skin and Safi Blood Purifier (edible – every night) for clear, problem less skin.

Did you like my routine? What is your routine? Do you want reviews on any of these products? Let me know in comments!

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