Maybeline Color Show Nail Polishes – Haul & Swatches – #2

Hi, gorgeous people,

One of the first ever reviews I did in my blog was Maybeline Color Show Nail Paints – Shocking Seas. I read the review again today, and I pretty much stand by the review. I got more colors in that, and I thought let me just do swatches of those. For review of the nail paints and swatches of Shocking Seas, click on the link above.

This post consists of the following three colors that I bought recently:
1. Keep Up The Flame – Red – Rs. 85
2. Star Struck – Go Graffiti – Rs. 145
3. Crystal Clear – Clear Top Coat – Rs. 100

As you can see, Keep Up The Flame is bright and elegant, while Star Struck is playful, and the Crystal Clear gives the perfect glossy top coat.

P.S: If you are using any of the go graffiti nail paints, make sure you use base coat of your choice to enhance the look and a top coat of crystal clear to prevent chipping.

The nail paints last for 3-4 days before chipping off.

~Stay Gorgeous!

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