CONTEMPORARY LOOK #4 – How To Revamp Old Tees #1

Hi, Gorgeous People,

I really love to do the office style series, but I am not sure how feasible it is for me to click  pictures while running busily every morning. So, as of now, I will keep the office style series under the category of Contemporary/Ethnic itself. Anyway. this particular outfit was something that I really liked and felt that I should share it with you people. Well, why is it special? Take a look, first.

Yay! That's me <3
Yay! That’s me ❤

First and foremost, ignore that pathetic background. It was clicked so hurriedly. Also, I seem to have no proper background in my house. My bro rightly says that, “Houses with good background has poor lighting and vice-versa.” Now, without much ado, let me share the outfit details. Before that, why is this outfit special? Well, the tee shirt I am wearing is revamped by me. Yes, it was a boring plain tee shirt that has been revamped into what I am wearing in the picture.

How is it revamped?

I picked an old, boring full sleeved tee, cut out the sleeves to made it into a mega-sleeve tee shirt. Also, I made tiny holes in the center part, used a lace made out from another tee and created a pattern. It took me less than 15 minutes.

The Outfit!

Tee Shirt – From MAX, EA, Chennai – Rs. 150 (after 70% discount) – Revamped into this by me.

Jeans – From Wrangler – Rs. 2099

The Accessories!

Earrings – DIOR Spoof, from a thrift shop in Chennai – Rs. 40

Second studs – Thrift shop in Chennai – Rs. 20

Belt – Thrift Bazaar, Chennai – Rs. 60 – (Not visible in the pic – Red color)

Footwear – (not visible)  Pink Wedges  Rs. 300 – Flipkart

Nail Lacquer! 

Fingers – Maybeline Color Show Keep Up The Flame (I have matched the belt with the nail paints and shoes with the earrings!)

Toes – Maybeline Color Show Bold Gold

Reviewed Here

The Hair Do!

Hair washed with Sunsilk Shampoo + Conditioner and secured into a pouf ponytail.

The Make-Up! (NO MAKE-UP 😛 )

Face & body – Lotus Matte Gel – Sunscreen

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~Stay Gorgeous!


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