12 BRA tips/facts/hacks that I want to tell to my younger self & girls out there!

Hi, gorgeous people,

I’ve been thinking to write this post for quite some time now. However, laziness and procrastination kept me busy. I read somewhere that, “Give a woman perfect fitting bras & shoes, she will conquer the world.” How true it is, isn’t it? Most of the women I met have told me that perfect bra is a myth. I, like many girls, grew up thinking wearing ill-fitting bras is not weird. It wasn’t weird when it was worn on my loose uniforms during school and colleges. Till 20, I didn’t have fuller breasts, so wearing a camisole or sports bra was perfectly fine for me. Also, I wasn’t used to wearing slim-fit tops or kurtis till 20. Also, as I grew, so did my dress sense. I started wearing halter necks, off shoulders, and tube tops. Also, I put on a little weight in my 20-21 years due to PCOD, that made ill-fitting bras make me more fat. Okay, long story short, I researched on bra hacks, tips, facts, and tricks. A perfect bra makes you look 2 sizes smaller as well as sexier. Without much ado, here are some tips, tricks, facts, and hacks that you gotta know about bras.

Well, indeed. A perfect bra is like finding prince charming 😛

1. If you gain or lose more than 2 kgs, it’s most likely that your bra size might change. So don’t buy new bras, if you are planning to diet.
2. All you need is 4 daily wear bras a year. Yes, a perfect-fitting high-quality bra comes up to 100 washes, so well, that makes you need 3-4 bras a year.
3. Apart from that you need 2 multi-way bras. Yes, a multi-way bra can triple up as a halter neck, strapless, and razor back bra.

4. Here is your bra needs for a year: A black bra, a white one, a nude one, and a bright colored one; two sports bra, two multi-way bras. You were purchasing so many bras without a clue. (If you/your partner has a bra fetish, then it is absolutely fine to buy too many :P)
5. Padded, push-up, underwired :O – Scary terms? If you are gifted with smaller breasts, make all your bras padded. If you are someone with shaped breasts, have an equal amount of underwired and non-wired bras, with/without light padding. If you are someone with fuller breasts, have underwired, minimizer bras.
6. If you often wear plunged neckline dresses, buy a bra with a plunge.

7. If your dress is backless and strapless, then skip the bra and use nipple covers or fix pads inside your dresses. Or even more simpler method is to buy self adhesive silicone bras.

8. It’s absolutely normal to ditch the bras when you are at home, and it is okay if you prefer to wear them too.
9. WEIGHT LOSS doesn’t guarantee a reduction in bra size. So, if you are thinking to reduce breast size, then you need to do rigorous exercises separately for that.
10. Try your bras every time you buy them from a store. Even if two girls have a same bra size, what fits one won’t fit another. Also, never compromise and buy a bigger or smaller size, just because you like the color or pattern.
11. If you think that rates in online sites are cheaper, select the brands you like, visit a physical store, try the models you liked, and then order them online. I know it is a hack, but a worthy hack.
12. Never go for cheaper bras; always prefer branded. Also, never wear your favorite bras when making out in haste 😛 😀

P.S: A reader asked me to add this, so here it goes (it works for me, but it is better to check the chart of specific brands for more precision):

Hope this helps, girls. Also, you can purchases bras online at Zivame.com – one of my favorite sites to purchase lingerie.

Have you got tips? Share them in comments.

~Stay Gorgeous!


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