Vee & Me – #MyFirstExpert Story

Hi, Folks,

Today, I am going to share seven snippets about someone who is beautiful. Yes, beautiful is the term. I rarely use the word beautiful as it is always too much of a compliment, at least according to me. But, calling this person beautiful is an understatement. In case, you are wondering, what’s with the names of the snippets, they are colors denoting that person’s characteristics.

#Snippet 1 – The Elegant Honey Brown!

This person I was talking about, let’s call her Vee. Vee went to test her eye power with doc. The doc said that her eyesight is normal, except that she needs reading glasses. While, she was agitated with the fact that the doc prescribed glasses for her, she was equally excited to pick the frame at the optician’s place.

She ordered a frame, and came home. After she was back, here is what that happened.

Vee: I picked a lovely pink frame, your dad said the black one looked better.
Me: Oh. Everything looks good on you. When is it coming, btw?
Vee: The delivery is on Monday.

So, the glasses finally arrive in courier, and she wears it to show to me.

Me: Woaah, you look elegant and classy.
Vee: Wouldn’t pink be better?

Me: I don’t know, but this looks fabulous, and it looks so similar to the one I have.
Vee: Yeah, I can match it with yours. Chalo, click a pic of me, and click it from a distance so I don’t look fat.

Here is what I clicked!

WP_20150514_003 (2)

Lesson Learnt: Age doesn’t define your youth. Your attitude and elegance defines it.

#Snippet 2 – The Bold Cinnamon Red!

It was some auspicious day, so I had to accompany Vee to a temple. While we were on our way, a drunk prick tried to fall on me, intentionally, and I moved in a hairline gap. Dejected, he kind of tried to follow us, and I started to walk rapidly, alerting her.

Vee: Don’t worry, I am there…
Me: He looks dangerous…
Vee: Shall I ask him, what he thinks of himself?
Me: He might hurt us. Walk fast, let’s disappear into the crowd.
Vee: Cha… Don’t be so scared. Payla thenga vechirken, kita vanthu galatta pannan mandailaye odachiren… Shani bhagavanuku odaika vendiathu, intha saniya thalai la odachirlam… ena 25 rubai thaane pona pogatum… (I have coconut in the bag, which I got to offer Lord Sani (Saturn), let me break it on this Sani’s (abusive word) head. The coconut costs 25 bucks, but it’s alright.)

I couldn’t stop admiring her blind bravery and her situational humor!

Lesson Learnt:  She is the woman who makes me want to be her!

#Snippet 3 – The Naughty Burgundy!

Me: *munching cookies*
Vee: If you keep eating like this, you will gain weight!
Me: It’s my choice to be Size Zero or Size 15 😛 *said it with a playful smile*
Vee: It’s my choice then to hide the cookie box!

Ha ha, at times, I can’t stop admiring her quick wit and naughtiness.

Lesson Learnt: Wit beyond measure is a (wo)man’s greatest treasure.

#Snippet 4 – The Naturally Natural Brown

Me: Can I stay out on Friday?
Vee: What?
Me: Ma, Can I stay out at my friend’s place on Friday?
Vee: I heard, but I am asking you, why?
Me: Just like that
Vee: Oh, who’s house?
Me: *name of the friend*
Vee: Who are all staying?
Me: *name of rest of the friends*
Vee: Would their parents be there?
Me: Of course, where else would they go?
Vee: Why are you going there? Call them all to stay over at our place.
Me: They always stay at our place, for a change, why can’t I stay at their place?
Vee: What are we going to say to dad?
Me: As usual
Vee: As usual?
Me: Lie
Vee: *Slaps me gently on the back*

Vee is a savior, isn’t she? Saving me and letting me be myself are the two things she is naturally best at.

Lesson Learnt: Never lie to ma, for she is the only savior in this big, bad world.

Snippet #5 – The Intense Dark Brown

Vee can get intense at times.

Vee: You have changed a lot in the past eight years.
Me: Is it good or bad?
Vee: Good, of course, but at times, I feel that life has made you a tough woman.
Me: Just like you
Vee: While the lady in me is proud about that, the mom in me yearns for my baby’s innocence.
*I smile*
Vee: But then you have this infectious smile that reminds me that “you are amazing, just the way you are.”

As I said, Vee can get very intense!

Lesson Learnt: Smile – happy always looks good on you!

Snippet #6 – The Soft Black Brown

Long back, at my workplace, I choked while eating a grape (weird, isn’t it). I was out of breath for a while, and I thought that I was about to die that day. However, the choking stopped in a while, and I was perfectly alright. I was casually narrating that to Vee.

Later that night I asked her, “What if I had died today?”
Vee slaps me on my back, softly, and said “My heart skipped a beat when you said that. Don’t start on it again.”

Despite being bold and witty, Vee is soft and meek when it comes to me.

Lesson Learnt: Unconditional love = Maa!

Snippet #7 – The Epic Black

At times, there are epic conversations between me & Vee, this is one of those:

Vee: I saw a handsome boy.
Me: *curious* Where? When?
Vee: In our street
Me: Who is that? Without my knowledge? Is it a new neighbor?
Vee: He came carrying God’s statue during circumambulations
Me: Brahmin only, huh?
Vee: Yes, but Iyengar.
Me: Was he looking good? Guy-next-door type?
Vee: Ah, not exactly, but he looked stylish, like the way you say. Like the guy from loose control song
Me: Sharman Joshi huh? *Keeps a sad face*
Vee: Not that name
Me: Maa.. You know Aamir Khan by his name, nah?
Vee: Not that, the guy you like..
Me: Sid….
Vee: Yeah, like him. I thought, even if he is Iyengar, it is okay, let me enquire around about him. *she sighs*
Me: Then? *Curious*
Vee: No civic sense at all
Me: *with raised eyebrows* What?
Vee: I thought he looked handsome, but he was scratching his hair awkwardly
Me: Ma, if people get itching sensation, they do scratch nah?
Vee: Shouldn’t he be decent? He was scratching here and there for like 5 minutes
Me: Oh…
Vee: On top of it, he spat on the road
Me: Then?
Vee: I shut the door and came inside.

Lesson Learnt:

Me: Never judge a book…
Vee: by its cover!

By now, most of you would have known that Vee is my mom! Yup, the beautiful, elegant, bold, naughty, natural, intense, soft, epic VEE is my mom!

Mom is always our first expert, especially for daughters. Most of us, view them as our role models and aspire to grow up to be like them. I am no exception. If I can be like one person in this world, it’s her (well, I don’t want her height though 😛 *she is gonna kill me*)

That’s me & Vee: I know, I got her eyes!

This blog post is solely written by Stri, and it is submitted for IndiBlogger and Godrej Expert Rich Crème – #MyFirstExpert story contest.



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