EkNayiLeague – Kya Hai Yeh??!!

Hi, folks,

If you have been following Kapil Dev on his twitter account, then you would be familiar with this #EkNayiLeague. Just like you, even I was wondering that, aakir kya hai yeh nayi league? The videos that he shares seem to project that he is gonna host a show for sports celebrities, but is that what it is? Well, for those who still don’t know what I am talking, watch this.

Okay, did you guys figure out something? Well, this video seems super ambiguous. Kapil Dev is one of the well-known and most celebrated cricket player – thanks to the 1983 world cup. He was a right-arm pace bowler noted for his graceful bowling style. He was one of first few cricketers that I knew when I started to watch cricket. Well, after he quit playing too he was in limelight of cricket. After following his twitter account, I came across this video.

So, he is asking Dhoni to participate in his #EkNayiLeague. Hmmm, that makes it more interesting. My first known cricketer is asking my current (read: all-time favorite) cricketer to participate in this new league. Okay, at this point, I decide that this is going to be another T20, just like IPL or may be T10, the shorter version of IPL. While I scream in joy, I can hear my brothers crib that cricket is getting down day-by-day and how they enjoyed bunking classes for 5 days to watch test matches. Well, for me, it’s always the one-days that was of interest. While, we were arguing whether this is going to be a new form of test cricket or IPL, we saw this video.

Oh, well, he burst the bubble, this is not all about cricket as I was thinking all along. This is something else that involved more than just cricket players. We started scratching our brains even more vigorously, okay what is this nayi league now??? We have two things known: it is sports related, and it is not just for cricketers.

This was when we saw this video:

Well, Eurekha, this is something that involves a lot of money or so does it sound like. After watching this video, one thing was clear. This new league is some platform where the talented players can win money. Again, what do they compete about? Tennis Vs. Cricket? Seems to make no sense at all, what so ever. Then there was this giveaway from Kapil Dev. Oh well, he says “ab tak dil se khelte ho, iss nayi league mein…” So, this is not game of hearts, i.e. this is not their passionate game. Then what it is? Game of minds? Duh, isn’t it? Well, so the players are going to participate in an intelligent game? Or may be in brain game? Okay, that’s when I watched this video.

Kapil @ Bittoo – Ha, Kapil & Kapil. There, I decided what this is all about. This is gonna be a reality show, more of a game show, where the sports people are gonna participate as a team or as individuals and win prizes. Yeah!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

However, nothing is concrete yet. Keep following Kapil Dev on his twitter, and also come up with your guesses and post it here.



  1. Hmmm well my only thought is how come it’s only celebrities inviting celebrities. .. celebrities winning more money. . Don’t they have enough already…
    A good show but money should go to some charity for the good of poor or help those who can’t make big…

    Just a thought. .


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