My Clingy Girlfriend: Book Review

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Book Details:
Title: My Clingy Girlfriend
Author : Madhuri Banerjee
Genre: Humor
Publishers: Westland publishers
Source: Writer’s Melon book review program

What is a clingy girlfriend?
A clingy girlfriend will go through your phone.
She will destroy the contact numbers of every other girl on your phone.
She will delete your Facebook profile.
And will give you forty-five missed calls in the sixty minutes you put your phone on silent for an office presentation.
A clingy girlfriend will say
Carry two sets of fully charged mobile batteries so you can be in touch with me. Always.
In my dream, you were flirting with some other girl and then ended up in bed. Dreams are a manifestation of some act that is carried out in daily life. Are you cheating on me?
You have issues. You need to get therapy. Are you cheating on me?
And the worst one – why aren’t we married yet?
Obrokranti Banerjee’s girlfriend ticks all of these and more. Caught between wanting to break up and the fear that he’ll never find another girlfriend if he does, Obrokranti finds himself doing things he never imagined – watching Shah Rukh Khan movies, having to fast with her on karva chauth and perhaps worst of all, having his girlfriend join him on a boys night out!
Plot: This story is about a Bengali bachelor Obrokanti Benerjee and his girlfriend Radha. As stereotypical as it might sound, she is very clingy and possessive on him. She checks all his phone contacts and messages, deletes his whatsapp messages, deletes his facebook profile out of suspicion, always checks on his whereabouts and accompanies him to boys night-outs.If this isn’t sufficient, Radha stays in Ob’s house. Like the lady of the house, she relaxingly watches TV, orders their cook to prepare proper lunch for Ob. She checks about his alcohol intake, amount of parties he attends, and even insists him to be at home by night. She irritates him by constantly nagging. Well, as you might have guessed the story is about how he manages life with her.

1. The writing style and the dialogues are simply humorous and brilliant.
2. The author has clearly projected the clingy and possessive side of relationship, which most of these modern day rom-novels seldom discuss about.
1. Too much of importance about sex as if that is the important aspect of a relationship for guys.
2. While, the clingy relationship concept looks fresh and interesting to read, it goes overboard at many places, and makes you sigh in monotonous feel.
Do I recommend? If you prefer a light humor read, then yes.
Bottom line: A humorous novel that kinda gets boring and irritating after a while, just like a clingy girlfriend.
Rating: 3/5

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