What could be my probable future new smartphone? ASUS Zenfone 2

Hi, Folks,

Well, I have this very good reputation of sticking on to my phone for years. Recently, I ended up breaking my smartphone, and trust me, I was super depressed. But then, it was a reminder for me to buy a new phone. Parting old things are painful, but the happiness that new stuffs cause us can succumb that pain, and if the new ones are pretty cool, what else should we ask for?

Without much ado, let me talk about my future new phone – ASUS Zenfone 2

I am not a tech expert to talk about the specs of this phone, but I am going to share 5 reasons on why I feel ASUS Zenfone 2 can be my next smartphone.

1. Slimmer the better: People get offended if we call them fat, but they wouldn’t think twice about saying the same thing about other’s phone. People might think that they can be super fat, but they want their phones to be super-slim. I want both myself and my phone to be slim, and ASUS Zenfone 2 is super slim with 3.9mm of edge thickness. The phone is super comfortable to hold as well.

2. Ambidextrous just like me: Left-handed and ambidextrous people will know the pain of using phones and other devices made with keeping only left-handed people in their mind. However, with splendid arc design and intuitive rear control, this phone is just meant for both right and left-handed people.

3. Screen-body ratio: With 72% screen to body ratio, this phone is 5.5 inches, but looks like a 5-inch smartphone. For those who think that there are phone which are bigger than this, I would ask them to think form a girl-with-slender-hands’ point of view. For me, this phone sits daintly on my hand and the screen is just brilliant.

4. Black? Blue? White? Think out of the box. Are you bored of those plain, pastel colors? Well, this phone is out-of-the box thinking for colors. With transfusion and illusion series, this phone is lovely looking. I personally love the blue shade in both transfusion as well as the illusion series, and I am confused on which to pick.

5. The photo freak: For a person who uses phone majorly to click random snaps, this phone is god-sent. The rear camera is 13 MP and the front camera is 5MP. The flash is Dual-LED Real tone, which makes it even better.

Bonus point: Fast charging – The battery gets charged up to 60% in the first 30 minutes. For a travel freak like me, who puts her phone on charge in random hotels, while eating breakfast, this serves the purpose.

These are some of the specifications of the phone that I totally loved from my point-of-view, this is not all, there are more. If you want to buy a new smartphone or redefine your current smartphone experience, then ASUS Zenfone 2 is a very worthy option. Do try your hands at this phone and let me know your views.

Why don’t you check it for yourself here#CantWait4Zenfone2


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