My Choice – Vogue Empower – My Two Cents!

Hi Folks,

If you are wondering what this article is about, please see this video first.

Now, some call this empowering and powerful and some call it over powering and hypocrite, and I had something to tell about the video. So here it is…


1. Whatever I state is totally my opinion and my perception.
2. I love the men in my life, so when I talk something about women, please understand that it is not related to men. For e.g. if i say, Women are beautiful, don’t manipulate it as men are ugly.
3. The video stars Deepika and 99 other women, so if you are gonna compare Deepika’s past, future, present, etc please refrain as her name is used to improve views, and she is not the director of the video.

My Take on My Choice Video:

1. To wear the clothes I like even when my spirit rolls naked: Well, isn’t it obvious that what a girl wears is her choice. If she is out of her teens, she is sensible enough to know what to wear where. If she is doing it wrong, it’s not our concern. People don’t go cleaning the garbage of the road, or stop a person from peeing or spiting, but when a girl is in short clothes, everyone wants to comment about it or advice about it. People who call DP (Deepika Padukone) as hypocrite or shameless, please note that our society is the hypocrite because women with navel-revealing sarees (most aunties who wear saree in an awkward fashion) and lungi-clad men comment on girls in their jeans. Again, I am reiterating, Our Body, Our Choice (Just that one should have a wise choice)

2. Size zero or size 15 – I have seen people commenting on DP starring in Kellog’s K ad and being Size Zero, etc. So what? Yes, she likes being size zero, she is paid for it, and she is promoting it. What’s the big deal? If she body shames someone or teases a person based on their body fat, then it is being hypocrite as she had acted in the Vogue Video, but choosing what ad to act, and what food to eat is HER choice. Also there are other women in the video, just the voice over is totally Deepika’s

3. Your mind is caged, let it free. My body is not, let it be. It just means that shed the inhibitions and stereotypes that your mind has. Also, one’s body is not meant to be caged in a stereotypical fashion, so let a person be herself.

4. Now comes the killer. About sex, love, and marriage. A girl (according to this video, or even a guy for that case) has sole authority in deciding their views on wedding, sexual orientation, views on cohabitation, et. al., Firstly, when she says sex before marriage – I don’t know why people act like hypocrites, it’s not something that is a sin. It’s personal choice. Don’t tie sex with marriage. When she says sex outside marriage, for heaven sake, it is not adultery. It can be cohabitation, widow/divorcees dating, open relationships, etc. Cheating, betrayal, adultery are sin, but consensual sex is not. Also, when she says about temporary love, people go ooh-aah-crap. Wait, I can understand if you believe in one life, one love, but perceptions differ. People needn’t be in something that they believed is love. What if love soars? You hold on to it? It’s your choice. That’s what was the point.

5. You are my choice, I am not your privilege – The video doesn’t say that the vice-versa is not true. It holds good for all the genders. No one is another person’s privilege

6. All those bindi, surname, etc things: Well, it’s just simple isn’t it? It’s personal choice to decide what to wear and what not to. Maybe you will feel like wearing it for sometime, then you change your style. I am not against people who have staunch religious values attached to it, but as much as I respect your religious or philosophical values, you need to understand that not wearing or wearing is one’s own choice.

7. To have your baby or not – Well, the sentence formation here sounds like misandry, but what I understood from it is, it’s personal choice to be a mom or not. Generally, women are blamed in a childless marriage, but if two people are childless by choice, respect it. It’s their choice. Yeah, I do accept it’s a joint decision, but don’t put pressure on the women to get a baby once she is married, and respect her if she choose to be an unmarried, single mother.

Well, I saw too many comments stating why there is no video for men, women have understood feminism wrong, my parents thought me virtue, and other stuff. My only answer is not everything should initially be made with a male and female version, if it goes viral, obviously you will get the opposite or answering video, like how his one has got for males (check storypick). Also, women who have not faced struggle might totally not agree with the points said above, but I know an acquaintance who was asked to take a virginity test before wedding by her in-laws despite the fact that she was a virgin. I have witnessed men who bullied me for my body fat, and the same ones fall for me when I got to size zero, I know people (even ladies) who slut-shamed me for my dressing sense, to all of them, I say, “IT’S MY CHOICE”

Please have a decent and sophisticated argument in the comments section.

One comment

  1. Good one…. Yaar it is all one’s wish and choice… People speak non-sense… All these days it was war between countries, states , cities , religion, caste and finally, now it is war among Genders…. I am not a feminist or a meninist or someone who fights for any gender’s equality… Yaar, we are all one among the thousands of species that are existing in this Universe… Let us all learn to co-exist rather than fighting and arguing for everything… World will speak million… I accept there are several negatives and talks around us…. Let us gather guts to go and fight the ones who speak this way, rather than just writing our opinions and talking behind….. Let us think about and work on maintaining peace and harmony among us than to simply over think stuff…. Let us remember that there is something called HUMANITY, that needs to stand first… Above all, to the ones who talk non sense and are performing bad acts, there is something called KARMA, that tightens the screw and nut… They will get it one day for their acts…


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