Of Ariels and Real-life Princesses – #WashBucketChallenge

Hi, Folks,

Is laundry women’s job? Well, I am not trying to emphasize feminism here, but if you want fresh clothes, you need to do the laundry. Well, you can outsource it to maids, dhobi, and what not, but my mom always says, “despite being able to afford to have a maid or dhobi, nothing beats the satisfaction of washing your favorite clothes by yourself.” Mom are always right. Staying in hostel for 6 years, and with 2 years of no proper dhobi, washing machine was my only rescue.

But again, my sister’s argument is this:

She means about ruining clothes, not washing machine, though! Well, she is absolutely logical. My biggest worry to put my clothes inside machine was that how on earth will my machine understand my clothes’ needs.

While these was the sad state of my laundry jobs, my brother’s was even worse. My brother had to wash jeans, formal suits, and lab uniforms (engineer, you see!) After almost 40 years of doing laundry at home, my mom came up with this:

Having said that, washing white shirts with dirty collars is a menace. When my mom and I decided one fine day to tell to my brother that he should do the laundry alternative days as he is old enough now, he was shit scared. His reaction was:

Well, we clarified his query by telling him that we weren’t asking him to do his laundry alone, but ours too! Well, when brother does the laundry this is the scenario.

While, these all happened, I asked one question to my mom, “How on earth the clothes you wash are pleasant smelling, clean, and fresh?” My mom’s response was simple.


Well, my mom has been using Ariel since I was born. Yup, I had never smelt any odor other than Ariel’s aroma in my freshly washed clothes since childhood. As time evolved my mom moved from normal Ariel to Ariel Matic for our washing machine.

It’s almost 20+ years now, but still my mom uses Ariel, why?

1. Pleasant odor, that is neither too artificial nor too mild.

2. Ariel is not hard on colored clothes, thus the colors stay the same even after many washes.

3. Ariel removes stain easily and with minimal powder usage.

What is my take on Ariel Matic?

1. Has all the good qualities of Ariel – Enough said.

2. Comfortable for contemporary people who dump every cloth in washing machine.

So, after all these Laundry Talks, I asked my brother to take up #WashBucketChallenge for me, and here are some of his pics.

Well, trust me, making a man do laundry, even if he is a feminist and not a chauvinist is a tough job.Look at my bro’s face… He is clueless. While he saw the Ariel Matic packet I gave him as a part of the challenge, he asked me a genuinely interesting question,

He: “Wasn’t Ariel the Disney princess?”
Me: “Yup!”
He: “Doesn’t that mean Ariel powder is a women’s product?”
Before he finished his sentence, I had a counter argument,
Me: “What do you footballers do to keep your long hair falling on your forehead?”
He: “I don’t have long hair!”
Me: “What did David Beckham do?”
He: He wears a hairband.
Me: Well, hairband is a feminine product too.
He: No, it is unisex.
Me: So is Ariel and laundry

Well, I am his sister, ain’t I? Well, that convinced him.
This is what he did to the laundry, in his own words:

1. Segregate colored and light-toned/white-shaded clothes. It’s better if you wash separate colors in separate trips. For guys, it’s easy. Especially me, I use mostly just blue or black. But iif you are doing your sister’s laundry, be careful. Mine has every freaking color on the earth. Do you know something called Zaffre? Well, do you even know what shade it is? *sighs* It’s blue, it seems, and I washed one of those funny-named-colored dress.
2. Well, take Ariel Matic as per instructions from the back of the pack or you can calculate your own measurement based on your need.
3. Fill water, add detergent in the detergent box, fill in clothes (don’t dump, be soft – They are not footballs, they are my precious clothes. That’s my sister’s mantra).
4. Start the machine, go away and watch the football match.
5. Come back and collect the clothes when the machine beeps. You can dry them in dryer if you want.

When I asked him was laundry tough, his reaction was this!

And, finally he wants to say this to everyone!

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Now, let me quickly go and fight with my brother about how I think India’s Jersey color is more of Zaffre than normal Blue.

All memes are generated by me from imgflip.com


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