The Last 10 Percent: A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

I am back with another book review. Trust me, the past one month post my Hampi trip has been “back to school” time. I have been reading (novels, though), watching TV series, and hogging on a lot of food. Well, the best thing is I enjoy the crazy-travel-freak version of me, as well as the nerdy-techie-foodie version of me. Now, without much ado, let me start the review of the next book, “The Last Ten Percent” by TGC Prasad. Not to be confused with the other book with the same title, this is an non-fiction.

About the Author: T. G. C. Prasad the bestselling author of several management and fiction books. Besides writing, he consults and advises CEOs, HR heads and senior leaders of various companies on people strategy. He also manages TGC consulting, a human resources consulting firm that offers three core services, viz. executive search, senior management coaching and strategic people advisory to global MNCs, Indian conglomerates and PE / VC funded entrepreneurial ventures across various domains such as information technology, e-commerce, health-care, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, BFSI, media and entertainment.

Blurb: Only too often, we falter when it comes to completing a task properly and on time. It is the last 10 per cent that seems to elude us-and this usually results in a negative customer experience.

But then some companies – Walmart, Starbucks, nestle and southwest airlines, to name a few-are far ahead of the curve-they have customers at the heart of whatever they do.

What do these companies do that sets them apart? They genuinely believe in delivering a great customer experience, the thinking that accompanies this belief makes all the difference.

The last ten per cent shows us how to go that extra mile.

My Take On It: Since this is not a fiction book, I really don’t have anything to say on the plotline, so I will quickly move forward with my review on how the book is. The book talks more of management and consumer benefits. In this competitive world, every other person wants to become an entrepreneur, but how many can actually manage to do it? Even if they do become an entrepreneur, are they gaining blind customer trust? If not, then how should it be done? These are the points discussed in the book.


  1. A very useful book for entrepreneurs to know about how to exactly maintain customer loyalty.
  2. Simple and clear explanation even for novice.

OOPS: There aren’t any OOPS moments with this book (ha ha, very unique of me saying that nah?)

Bottom line: If you are a person interested in management, entrepreneurship, and customer service, then this book is a must read for you. Also, if you are a B-School student or alumnus then this is a worthy book to give a read.

Rating: 4/5

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