Shatru Kronikles: A Book Review

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As you all know I am on book reading spree; the more I see the unread books on my bookshelves, the more my heart twitches, as if there is my lover standing next to me, yet me being unable to hug him. Someone I know said, “Sri, the way you look at your books, I don’t think even you will look at your beloved like that.” Well, that’s indeed true. So here is the review about my recent love, Shatru.

About the author: In 1979, at age 12, Bommadevara Sai Chandravadhan attempted his first book. Incidentally, it was fantasy fiction. In 1990 Vadhan completed his law course from the prestigious Madras Law College and went into practice of litigation law and then corporate law. In 2007, Vadhan started the first draft of Kronikles, a thousand page, three hundred thousand word behemoth that he assumed was completed in six months. Seven years later, the story is ready to be told. In 2010, he started Sand Legal Services, which offers niche legislative compliance solutions. Vadhan s daughter is doing her post-graduation course in Marketing and Applied Finance in Australia. His son is studying law in India. He aspires to be a politician and a reformist one day. Vadhan s wife is an artist and candle maker. She runs her own business. Vadhan lives just outside Gurgaon, India, with his wife.

Book Blurb: Shatru was half Asura.

That was not the reason he was the best Hunter for the most powerful peace keeping force in all fourteen worlds. If he did not do their bidding, they would kill the one person he loved.

That was just the way it was.

The Devas and Asuras, the most powerful of the Primordial Tribes shadow-controlled the financial, political and cultural lives of all of humanity just for one reason, domination over each other through control of terrestrials.

When the brittle line between adversity and aggression was broken they were set on a collision course. Shatru was the only one standing between them.

To stop the Primordials from destroying each other, Shatru had to go after an ancient sentinel of Chaos ready to do what it takes just to destroy.

Vengeance was rising.

Shatru was in the way.

If he could not stop the Armageddon, ours will be the first world to wear away.

Plot: The story starts in the modern Kalyug, where the humans live their normal lives. Unbeknown to them there are others too in the human world. Asuras, Devas, Half-Asuras, Half-Gandharvas, and what not. What starts as a simple murder investigation of a half-breed, becomes more than just an unintentional murder. Shatru is a puppet by his masters, but he has his own mind, and that’s what is needed to stop the big destruction that’s coming on its way toward all the worlds known and unknown to mankind.


  1. Mythological fiction – One of its kind genre, the author nailed it.
  2. The narrative is simple and free-flowing.
  3. Storyline is gripping and exciting to read – that’s what is needed for a mythological thriller.


  1. Heavy influences of mythology from the west. I can feel traces of Harry Potter, LOTR, GOT, and some western childhood mythological stories too.
  2. A detailed glossary of what is what might be helpful for non-Indian or non-Hindu readers. Also, footnotes, instead of complicated sentences would have made sense.

Rating: 3.75/5

Do I recommend? Yes, for mythological fiction fans.

Bottom line: A very interesting, unique mythological story line that seems promising, yet slightly put down due to influences from other fantasies.

P.S: The book is part 1 of the series that’s going to follow. Hope that the series breaks the jinx of not-so-good Indian Mythological Series.

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