Of bullying, revenge, and other life lessons

Hi, Folks,

There are some people who make you smile with their antics, some who make you smile with tiny gestures, some who make you smile with their care and affection, but in everyone’s life there will be one person who makes you smile just by being in your life. I have one such person in my life, and that type of person is whom I call as once in a lifetime person.

Their mere presence makes you happy, their smile makes you smile, and their love keeps you strong. This person in my life is actually god-sent because I can’t think of any other way of how else this could have happened. Having people to laugh with you in your happy times is not a big deal, but having people to make you laugh when you are devastated is a blessing.

I still remember those not-so-clear childhood memories where I had been bullied by a gang of my classmates. I wasn’t this strong or a bold girl back at that time. I was scared of those children, despite being my fellow classmates they use to bully me, make fun of me, and worst was they tried to manipulate my friends against me. I don’t think they had a reason to do it, or may be the reason was I was allowing them to bully me. They never physically hurt me or harmed me, but the mental pressure they were putting on me was too much to handle. I had no one to trust, and they were so-called good kids in front of teachers. I so wanted to hurt those children back. I was thinking of ways to avenge them for all those mental pressures they gave me. That was when this person in my life rescued me, by teaching me to not to fight back, but to not give a damn about it. I still remember those lines that made me come past the bullies and see things optimistically, “If you spit on a drainage because it dirtied your dress, you will end up dirtying your face too.” I understood that the best way to not allow others consume your happiness is to not give a damn to them. I learnt to be optimistic and look up to happiness on that particular day.

It was just one odd day of my childhood, but it made me stay strong, let go of my worries, and be optimistic. “Life is not about how well you hold on your grudge and revenge, it is about how graciously you let go of the grudge and start living.” That day is one of the most memorable days of my life as I learned that “Forgiving people is the best way to revenge.” In case you are wondering who that person was, the person who brought such an optimistic change in my life by teaching me such insightful thoughts is none other than my beloved MOM!

Thanks, mom, for being a support system and for loving me for who I am.

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  1. Not sure about forgiving I could not do that and I have not.. but yes I have moved on.. sadly I was a hosteler in school and parents were far… I know how it feels


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