Rise of the Grey Prince: A Book Review

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I guess you guys would have read the review for The Secrets of the Dark book. This is the sequel of that book. As I told in my previous review, just when I thought mythology genre wasn’t good in India as it is in the West, books like these restore my hope.

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Book: Rise of the Grey Prince (The Saga of Agni)
Author: Arka Chakrabarti
ISBN: 978-93-82665-31-1
Type: Fiction
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Published: January 2015
Number Of Pages: Paperback, 213
Price: ₹150/-

Book Blurb:

That cursed night at Nisarga had revealed the true reason behind his father’s sacrifice and his own dark past. Each revelation now draws Agni into the sublime world of secrets. With Vrish and Guru Sidak by his side,fighting the daggers from the past and winning over the opponents of the present, somewhere deep down, he knows that his journey has just begun.

The other scarred prince walks the ashes of his reality. Haunted by the glimpses of truth the same night, Yani had but one choice – to survive. His unknowing steps, trapped in cruel games of ancient powers had led him to a truth, a truth which shall mould a good man in the clay of misfortune, hate and lust.

Such is the world of Gaya, and thus shall be the Rise of the Grey Prince – the one torn between the darkness of evil and a lone ray of hope.

Plot: The second book starts where the first book ends, and this book has an extensive cover-up of the first book, so this can be read as a stand-alone book. While the first book concentrated on Agni, this book takes us into the marvelous Prince Yani’s life. The story line potrays how Agni, the orphan is not what he is actually thinks he is. While the readers are filled with minute details of the characters, the storyline strengthens with some amazing turn of events.


1. The narration is brilliant. The author has greatly improved from his first book, and the story flow here is more free and easy.

2. The characterizations are made in a brilliant way.

3. The story is engrossing as much as the first book.


1. The first half of the book pulls the momentum, but the second half matches it up.

Bottom line: If you could manage to go on a book with a slow first half, then trust me, the second half of this book will have you amazed.

Do I recommend? Yes, for mythology lovers.

Rating: 4/5

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