10 Reasons Why A Woman Needs Another Woman And Not A Man (No Pun Intended)

Hi, Folks,

I have been going through a lot of posts on why a man needs a woman, or why every girl should have a boyfriend, etc, etc. It is like this, when you are single, all you see are happy couples and cuddly-wuddly posts, and when you are committed, all you see is happy singles. I am exactly in that phase, my timeline and life is filled with too much of cuddly-wuddly romantic people than I could handle. Okay, coming to the point, I am summing up a few reasons on why every woman needs another woman (Again, I am telling you, pun is not intended)…

women's day

10. Handling all those toilet situations: Be it a tampon or pad need or holding your head when you puke, trust me, every girl will do it to another girl because she knows that someday she might me in the same situation.

9. Food! On a date with your boyfriend, we need to maintain our dignity by eating in a very decent and dignified manner, at least in the public, but with the other girls you can lick the peri-peri off your fingers without being judged.

8. From wardrobe malfunctions to fashion disaster, they handle it all. From wiping out your smudged kohl to fixing your zipper dress, if not for them you may not look that pretty.

7. Reality check! Your mom, daughter, sister, friend, or bff are the only people who could get away with calling you fat, if you are fat! Trust me, their opinions are always right and genuine, and they motivate you to shed those calories off!

6. Bitching partners! As much as girls hate the word bitch, they love bitching. With men, they never seem to understand why girls disapprove another girl or a guy, but with the females in every girl’s life seem to not just understand it, but support in the great endeavor of bitching.

5. Victoria secret is no more a secret: Guys, did your girl surprise you by wearing a Victoria secrets lingerie? Well, you are not the first to see it. Already there would have been umpteen number of what-works and what-nots between your GF and her sister or BFF.

4. Sense & Sensibility: Your female friends are your speed breakers, while you may be going on a high speed on the road of dating or relationship, they are the speed breakers who make you slow down and put some sense inside you. While your brain is clogged by your heart’s trust on love, your female friends, sisters, or mom are the ones who will unclog it with reality.

3. To approve: As much as you are independent and love to take your decisions, when you want a second opinion, you rush to your sister, bff, or female cousin! Be it about kissing a guy or buying a Vera Wang, they know what works for you and what not.

2. To make you feel worthy! As much as your brothers and male friends protect you, it is your female friends who will make you feel worthy after a worst turmoil. One sweet compliment from them, makes your day.

1. Listen. You know they listen. Enough said!

As much as I adore the men in my life, and wonder what I would do without them, women in my life are just too close to me to even wonder what I would do without them, for without them, I will definitely not be the person I am. To all those women who make me what I am, Happy Women’s Day!



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