Project SAI: A Book Review

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Yet another book review for the day. Project SAI is a 86 page short novel that is crispy and to the point. This book gave me a totally different reading experience. Written by Srinivasa Gopal, published by Frog Books (LeadStart Publishing), this book has a Kindle version too.

Book Blurb: Sarangan & Lakshman are two brothers, who come from the same pilgrim town in rural Tamil Nadu but who live completely different lives. While Sarangan and his family are content to remain in their hometown, Lakshman raises his sons in the bustling metropolitan city of Chennai. ‘Project S.A.I.’ is the story of two young men overcoming their own personal grief, to help others discover the truth behind the troubles plaguing them. And all this with the help of a device, whose existence most people would deem impossible – a device that allows a person to have conversations with those who no longer belong to the realm of the living.

About the Author: Ever the academic, with leanings towards the IT sector, Srinivasa Gopal completed his B.Tech from IIT-Madras & then went on to do his M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Regina, Canada, for which he even received the prestigious Governor General of Canada s academic medal in 1992. Since then, he has worked for several leading multinational firms in India and in the U.A.E. The author has always loved writing as a leisure activity, and Project S.A.I. is his first work of fiction. Like all Indians, he loves Indian Food, Indian Culture and is a great fan of the Indian Cricket Team, even staying up-to-date on all current cricket statistics. His greatest influences are Srinivasa Ramanujan and scientists such as Werner Heisenberg, Wolfgang Pauli, Alan Turing and Albert Einstein.

Plot: Two brothers like in a village in Namakkal, India serving the temple. However, the younger brother, Lakshman moves to Chennai with his wife and children to pursue his dream of earning more. Sarangan, the elder one stays in the village with his family. What starts as a realistic TamBrahm (Tamil Brahmin) family drama, takes twists and turns and ends up as a tragic thriller.


1. The genre. Enough said.

2. The author has a free flowing writing style that pulls readers inside the story.

3. The novel was short and crisp, just about the point. There was no unnecessary dragging or drama.


1. Certain scenes were way too crisp, like Raghav and Priya scenes.

2. Most of the story was revealed in the book blurb, thus making the story predictable. When it is a small novel, it is highly advisable not to even say the plot line in the book blurb.

Bottom line: Project SAI is like a tequila shot – short, crisp, and exciting.

Rating: 3.75/5

Do I recommend? Yes, but please don’t read the book blurb or summary that is given on back of the novel or in Goodreads etc, as they kind of reveal the story.

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