Nikhil Kushwaha’s The Waning Moon: A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

So, here I am, back with another book review. Well, before you read this book, you need to read it’s prequel, which has been reviewed here. This book is a sequel of the author’s first book, six teen mistakes. The first book has an open ending, which was continued into this second book. It is advisable to read the first book before grabbing this one.


About the author: Nikhil Kushwaha is an engineer, poet, and a novelist. He made his debut as an author with Six Teen Mistakes. A Ranchi boy with schooling from Bishops School and Kendriya Vidyalaya, he is a graduate from NIST Berhampur as an electrical engineer. Being author by chance and a full time author now, he says that it is not necessary to have experience, degree or talent to be an author, but whats required, is a story, passion and some patience. Believing in realism, his novels are based on what he witnesses around the people he knows, the things he has experienced and a story he wants the world to tell. (Visit him on Goodreads).

Plot: The story starts from where the previous story paved a way, and it is a story of 16-year-old who starts to discover his life. Anything more I say might be spoilers. One noteworthy aspect of this sequel is that the author as improved a lot as both a storyteller and writer with this novel.


1. Book uses simple Indian English, which might be useful for non-English speaking readers or novice population.

2. The story and scenes were elaborated very well, which made imagination easy for the readers.


1. The book kind of revealed the story in the initial stages, and there is no twists or turns that would be unpredictable.

Bottom line: A realistic teenage story with an elaborated screenplay misses to catch an eye due to predictability of the plot.

Rating: 3/5

Stri’s Verdict: The book seems to be an interesting read, if you are the one who prefers a light-romantic-Indian read. If you are a voracious reader, then this might not be the best option.



This book was sent by the author himself for an unbiased review. If you want to get your books/products reviewed, contact here.


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