LayaKrish’s Sound Of Love: A Short Story

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A story after a long time, a really long time, and that too, a love story! LOL! Thank BlogAdda because “I am participating in the #SoundOfLove activity at BlogAdda in association with Bluestone”.

To know more about #SoundOfLove, see this pic:

Yeah, that’s right, the sound of your love can be made into a ring, ha, how romantic, isn’t it? Names may change, faces may grow old, but the voice of love remains eternal, just like your Love. Without much delay, here is the story!

Things weren’t good between Laya and Krish. How could it be even good? They had crossed the initial ‘goofy-woofy’, ‘cuddly-wuddly’, and ‘boovy-woovy’ one year of love. There had been times when they both had been in call overnight till the next morning. An advantage of dating a person from the same college is your attendance will never fall short. Krish was Laya’s senior at college, and their love was the main reason for him to come to college everyday. The occasional glances, the stolen kisses, and the soundless love-yous exchanged made a year run in less than a nanosecond.

Problems started to surface when Krish graduated and joined a job in another city. Long-distance relationship –The scary three words! Call it his work pressure or the hectic jobs of cooking & washing he had to do by himself, it gradually reduced their communication time. “Why don’t you call me?”, “Why you never pick my calls?”, “Can’t we talk for few more minutes?” Laya’s desperation for her love made him feel suffocated. On the other hand, he had different issues. “Prepare well for your campus, then only you can join this company,” “who is that guy commenting in all your FB pictures?”, “I don’t like this profile picture of yours, you look sexy in it, change it.” Gradually, the cuddly love changed to chaotic possessiveness.

What started initially as little problems eventually created a rift between them. Laya was looking at her phone. The call history had just one name, his name: Krish. He didn’t pick her call. She had called him 32 times in the past 17 hours. She threw her phone in anger and went inside her room. “Laya,” her mom yelled from outside. “I don’t wanna eat, mom, please,” she yelled back.

“Laya” the yelling was more coarse and stern now. She opened the door in a hurry. There he was, the owner of the coarse yet mesmerizing sound. One person, who when he calls her name, it sounded of love. Krish… Laya’s Krish. She pinched herself to check if this is real. He pulled her toward the door and kissed her on her lip and said, “It’s real.” She moved away a little seeing her mom come. “I will make dinner, you guys keep talking,” her mom said. Her mom did kinda know about Laya dating Krish. Although, neither Laya nor Krish said her, it is a mom’s instinct, isn’t it? To know every detail about their kid.

“Okay, Aunt…” Krish trailed. He pulled out a cake box from his backpack, the cake was small, but it had whole lot of love, well it had whole lot of Ferraro Rocher flavor and that indeed is love. “Happy Birthday, Laya,” he screamed. “I thought you forgot, and you didn’t even attend my calls…” He smiled and said, “I thought of coming last night, but had an urgent dispatch. So I traveled whole day today, and I didn’t want to pick calls and make you guess that I was traveling.”

“Happy birthday, love,” he said. She looked deeply into his eyes. “This man is a keeper” was the only thought that was running in her mind. She didn’t say I Love You, nor did he, neither were there a sorry, nor a thank you, but that’s how the real sound of love is, isn’t it? Love that is so deep that even the silence speaks of it!

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