Things That Define Stri – #UseYourAnd

Hi, Folks,

I asked around some of my good friends over Facebook, “Tell me an adjective that defines me!” The responses were really intriguing.

Jays, my best friend said: Bold & Beautiful

Aparna, my blogger friend said: Hot & Sexy

Prason, my another blogger friend said: Bold & Radical

Aparajitha, my friend and a writer said: Bookaholic

Nirav, my friend and potliwale baba team leader said: Interesting

My really sweet brother asked me “What’s an adjective?” 😛 and he settled with: Beautiful

My sister replied: Adjective (yeah, she made adjective an adjective), but after that she replied: Classy

So, long story short, I am what I am. In fact, everyone is unique and they have a lot of characteristics. Describing a person as good or bad is so underrated concept. From my experience, you can never put a person into one particular category and say that they can’t be the opposite of it. Here are some contrasting characteristics that define me:

1. Traditional and Trendy:

As much as I love my Kanchivaram Pattu Saree, that much I love my shorts! Whoever said people can either be traditional or trendy haven’t met me!

2. Bookaholic and Fashionista:

As much as I Iove my books, I love dresses, fashion, and accessories. A common misconception is that if a person is a bookaholic, then he/she is a nerd and they can’t be interested in fashion. I am interested in both and I can excel in both.

3. Travel Freak and a home food lover:

While I travel, I treat each place as my own house, but when I am at home, I cuddle up on my bed and yearn for my mom’s vendhiya kulambu rice and appalam. Mostly, people who see me travel think that I am rather a freak who doesn’t stay at home, and people who see me at home think I am a home sick person, but no, a single word can’t describe me!

4. Classy and Local:

This is something that I heard from most of my colleagues and friends.  As much as I love shopping for a Vera Wang Dress, that much I adore shopping in the flea markets. While half my wardrobe is of freaking brands, the other half is looted from many thrift markets for heavy bargains.

5. Northie and Southie:

Born as a Southie, brought up as a Northie, it is so difficult for me to take sides when my Northie and Southie friends quarrel for as much as Idly & Sambhar run in my veins, that much Punjabi Lassi runs too! From Kanchipuram saree to UP Lehanga, marudhani to Mehandi, Carnatic music to Ghazals, I love the extremes in both the cultures.

6. Foodie and Size Zero:

The biggest wonder of all the people I ever met is: “How the hell you keep eating and still maintain your figure?” Ha… I love munching and I am big foodie, check the Zomato widget to your right. I love working out all those calories off everyday and I maintain a proper physique no matter what.

7. Beautiful, Brainy, and Bold:

If you ask me, I will say I am none of those three 😛 But, most of the people I know say this, including my mom, so I guess it is true!

My Gold Medal – For the other two, I guess there are lots of references in the blog!

Everyone is unique, don’t accept a single adjective to define you, you are more than what that one word says. So next time if someone says you are pretty, you say “and?” you are bold, “and?” Well, you are everything!

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I am tagging Aparajitha and Aparna to write their post for this contest.

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