Right Now, Now, Now!!! – #SecondChance

Hi, Folks,

Sometimes #SecondChance is the best gift you can give to others. But, what if there is no #SecondChance to give? I used to keep procrastinating things a lot, even things that I love. However, there was one incident that made me change my attitude towards life.

A few years ago, while I was sight-seeing in Mahabalipuram, I was climbing on a rock to click some pictures and booom! I lost grip and fell down from the rock. Krish was next to me, but he couldn’t hold me as this happened in a fraction of a second. Luckily, there was a guy walking beneath that rock who caught me in his arms. We both stumbled a little, but I wasn’t hurt even a little. After thanking him, when I sat down, I saw that there was a sharp, huge stone on the place where I would have fallen if the guy was not there. I might have been dead, or worse had some medical disorder. I wouldn’t have been a writer, you might not have been reading this blog of mine. That’s when I realized that life gave me a second chance, but will it always give a second chance? Well, no!

From then on, I was a changed person and I know it. I stop surviving and I started living. I changed my career to my passion, I let go of people who drained me, I started traveling more. After this incident, I could have done two things, either sit and home and be afraid, very afraid, or throw away the inhibitions and live life to the fullest. I chose the latter.

Now turning back, if there are three things that I want to do right now, then those are:1. Read!Yes, recently I was in a book fair and the number of books I saw just boggled my mind out. Just to read the titles of all the books ever published in this world would need more than my lifetime. So much to read, so little time. I see my To-Be-Read list and every time I see it, my heart skips a beat. What if I can’t finish all the books I want to read? So, I made read a rite. I would daily read till the last day of my life.

Some of my books, I have 5 times more than this lying around!

2. Travel!

I hate to be a tourist, I am a traveler. Earth is so beautiful, and if allowed I will travel the whole world and be in love with the awe-inspiring nature. After that incident I did travel and explore a lot, but I wish to do more. I wanna explore the heritage of Hampi, the streets of Kolkatta, the history of Italy, the vineyards of France, the museums of London, the churches in Vatican City, and the falls of Niagara. Right now, I am starting with Hampi this February.

On top of the world, closer to nature!

3. Eat!

I have seen people restrict their eating due to time constraint, work pressure, and what not. But, down the line, are we sure to be hale and healthy? What if a doctor says, “You can never have sweets again.” What is your dentist says, “Don’t eat candies ever.” This is the time, this is the age for me to eat sumptuously 🙂 That’s what I try to do and keep doing! As a next step, I am planning to join a few acquaintances in Dessert Walk 🙂 🙂


What are the things that you keep stopping yourself from doing? What’s stopping you? Share it with me!

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.





  1. I really like this post!
    I think second changes is a great thing to talk about. If we have this chance to live life and be happy (which is the reason why we are here) why not do it?

    It’s hard to think of things that I want to do but never did… I’ll have to think harder on that one. Maybe a silly question, but, if you had to choose one thing to do and one place to be with your second chance, what would that be?


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