Dee Walker’s The Winner’s Curse: A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

This is the fifth post for the day and I am super tired. Well, I finished this book a couple of days back and was waiting to review it. I started this novel and finished it in 4-5 hours. Recently, I had developed interest to read mythofiction and political thrillers. With the book flashing the tag as political thriller, and with a lovely synopsis, I was happy to have my hands on this book.

If you are wondering about the title, it does mean what it means! Yeah, the winner of an auction paying overdue price for the asset. With high expectations, I started off with this novel. Here is my take on it:

My take on the book:

What started off as an interesting story, suddenly lacked speed in its screenplay and unnecessary characterization of so many people, each person’s history, and each one’s issues were elaborated for first few chapters. Gradually, with the concept of National ID Numbers being discussed, the story gathers up some speed, which was clearly let down by the mining and national highway issues. Further more, while Arvind arrives and after the unexpected twist to him, the story gets some more momentum. This is the point where I predicted the whole story and after that the story moved forward exactly the way I predicted it. First half of the book was random characterization and second half was random issues being handled in a predictable fashion.

About the Author:

SV Divvaakar wrote this book under the name Dee Walker, such a nice wordplay there.


1. The concept of National ID Numbers and explaining how it can be a double edged sword was very informative.

2. Linking back each character to 10 commandments was a big plus.

3. Certain characters behaved in unexpected fashion and their relationship with each other were too unpredictable and interesting. Especially that of Sophia’s.


1. The story was predictable, if you have read a couple of political thrillers before.

2. The author keeps on giving too much importance to characterization of each person that he let loose of the screenplay. The story deserves a better screenplay.

3. Using KMail, CoolMail, Bazoo, instead of GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other such things were way too funny and evident. Better to have used a common term as “email sites” or could have invented better terms.

Bottom line:

Dee Walker’s The Winner’s Curse is an old wine in an old bottle with a fancy new label.



Do I recommend?

Yes, only if you don’t have the habit of guessing plots easily.

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