#BookADay Challenge – Penguin Books – #2

Hi, Folks,

This post was due on Dec 31, but yeah, being on vacation is a good excuse, right? If you are clueless, read the first part here.

17. A Book That Made Me Hungry:

For me hungry is only related to food. I was never hungry for love, knowledge, or lust 😛 So, Ta-Da…

18. Favorite Autobioraphy:

I don’t read biography or autobiographies, but the only one I read till now is this:

19. A Book To Read When Homesick:

Because of mom’s love for this book

20. Favorite Fairytale Character:

I always thought that the fairytale protagonists are such a drama queens, so I never liked the whole concept of Cindrella-Prince Charming, but there is one fairytale character that I adore, and she is:

P.S: I like Maleficent not because of An.Jo, but because of the attitude of Maleficent from the book, itself.

21. A Book To Gift Around Christmas:

Every book is good to gift around Christmas, but if asked to pick one, then this:

I haven’t read this yet, so please gift me this.

22. A Book That Made Me Cry:

Well, only very few books made me cry (read: shed a tear), but I guess most books I read made me ponder than cry. The recent book that made me shed a tear was:


23. Best Book I Ever Received As A Gift:

 Hmmm, people mostly give me books as gifts, that too mostly the books I have read, to play safe. I so want to pick Harry Potter, but it already made it to the list. Recently, after started to review books, I have been getting so many books as gifts. A gift that I least expected was from Author Preeti Shenoy & Amazon:

24. Favorite Family Read:

My whole family is too much disoriented and busy to even pose for a picture together 😛 leave alone, reading. Well, I guess it is Shakespeare, as that’s one book that was passed on throug ages in my family.

25. Favorite Christmas Book:

Okay, not a big fan of Christmas or any religious stories, but yeah, as a kid I loved this:

26. A Book On Your Shelf Which You Haven’t Read Yet:

There are more than one… But the next in line to read is:

27. A Book That I couldn’t Put Down:

It is definitely Harry Potter, if allowed I will add HP to all 31, but since I have already used HP in option 1, I go with this recent one that I felt attached to:

28. An Author I found This Year:

RV Raman who wrote Fraudster

29. My Best Read of 2014:

I read almost 70 books, and I could not chose one, but something that really took a place in my heart is this:

30. My Favorite Rudyard Kipling Character:

Well, Rudyard Kipling was one of my childhood reads and the character I significantly remember is Baloo 😛

31. Most Awaited Book of 2015:

Someone gift me this:





Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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