Warrior by Olivier Lafont: A Book Review

Hi, Folks,

Author: Olivier Lafont

Publisher: Penguin India

Pages: 375

Published Price: 399 INR

Available at all leading book stores both online and offline.

Genre: Mythological Fiction

This book “Warrior” is shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia prize.

Do you remember the ‘price tag’ from the movie 3 idiots? Nah? Think again, the one who screams, “You just lost a limited edition watch,” “chutney kyun khaate ho tum log.” Yup, he is the one, the guy who was supposed to marry Pia, in 3 idiots. Well, he is Olivier Lafont, a French model turned actor, has now become an author with his first book called Warrior.Warrior by Olvier Lafont

Well, for the first book, Olivier has chosen a very tricky subject, mythology. Especially in a country like India, mythology is widely accepted genre. On the other hand, it is a widely criticized genre too. With Warrior, the author takes us on a trip into our very own India, with carefully sprinkled mythological elements all across the book. What keeps you engrossed throughout is the perfect blend of science with mythology. The book doesn’t make it overboard.

Plot: A simple story told in many complex, yet interesting levels. Saam having his own business, settled with his girlfriend Maya, who is unmindful that her boyfriend is a superhero. Soon the readers are taken into the live action when Saam is forced to a join the quest to save the world (did I mention? The world is about to be erased). Well, it seems too mainstream till here, enter Ara, Saam’s long-lost brother who has a trick up his sleeve. Slowly, the readers are taken into a ride combined with mythology and science.


For a first time author, Olivier Lafont is just amazing. The ease with which he pens the story amazed me.

The characters are brilliantly portrayed and so is the screenplay, which makes us imagine Saam in front of us.

Dialogues. While, Saam’s characterization is brilliant, it is the dialogues given to the role of Ara that deserves a special mention.


Not that I found this as a drawback, but at a point or two, the book wasn’t hooking enough, but after a few pages, it got me back glued to it.

Do I recommend?

Yes, Yes. Unless you are week hearted and can’t take a mind-boggling mythological fiction.

My verdict: The ‘price tag’ actor proves that Indian superhero stories can be as hooking and as interesting as their Hollywood counterparts.

Rating: 4/5



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