#BookADay Challenge – Penguin Books – #1

Hi, Folks,

Penguin books came up with this lovely #BookADay challenge. Owing to my clumsy and hectic schedule, I missed participating in it through Twitter or Facebook. So, here it is. My blog post on #BookADay. Well, it is just simple. All you got to do is tag a book with the day’s theme.

1. Ideal December Read:

December means Christmas, and what’s better way to start the Christmas month than to read Christmas Carol? 😛 😉 I remember those December mornings, where we rehearsed to enact this story as a drama in my high school. It has been ten years, and still I could recite the dialogues of Mr. Scrooge by heart.

2. Most Beautiful Cover:

I am not a person who judges the book by it’s cover, but a cover that caught my eye is this:

Ah… Girls and shoes 😛

3. A book I Can Identify With:

There had been lot of books, and a lot of characters that I could identify with, but which one would I choose depends on too much scrutinizing…

No, I don’t resonate with Elinor, it’s Marianne Dashwood, that I can relate to. The story is pretty much like my life, 3 sisters and other stuffs. Every time, I read this, I know that Marianne is the character I am in real life. Even her transformations through the book resonate with mine throughout my life till now.

4. A Book Character I Would Like To Meet:

Ah… the tough task. I wanna meet everyone… *sighs* Well, with a hard heart, I choose one.

Not only meet this sweet little honey, I wanna have him as a pet 😛 Don’t worry, Dobby, you are still a free elf.

5. Wisest Book I Have Ever Read:

Well, I am more of a fiction person, but when asked to choose, this is the wisest read of mine:

Such wise thoughts in just 7-word-verses? Woaah!

6. A Book That I Keep Going Back To:

Hmmm… *scratches head* Well, it is *Drum rolls* :

7. My Perfect Winter Read:

Winters are my favorite season. Hot chocolate, soft music, and a BOOK to hug 🙂 My current perfect winter read is:

8. First Book I Remember Reading:

Well, mom says she read Shakespeare when I was in her womb, but the one I remember is “Famous Five Series” at the age of 6. Although, mom says I have read comics and picture books since the time I started to speak.

My First Book Of The First Series I Read

9. A Book That Gave Me The Chills:

Although, I have read many books in horror genre, it is always the first one I read that gave me the chills. My friends say that I am immune while reading or watching horror. But the book that gave me the chills is not even a horror one, but it is horror indeed 😛

10. Favorite Mythological Tale:

Ha… Now, that’s tough again. I have been doing quite some research (literally), on this genre. Mythology amuses me, although it is not my favorite genre… Especially Indian mythology. My favorite is well here:

11. A Book That Makes Me Want To Write:

Every book I have read inspires me to write. However, if asked to choose one, then it would be the Sidney Sheldon Series (Ah, that’s not one book, though :P) Such is his writing, it never seizes to amuse me.

12. A Book Character That I Want To Marry:

Mr. Darcy – Enough said! Shhh!

13. A Book That I’ve Pretended To Have Read:

I never buy books that I don’t think I will read, nor do my friends gift me books that doesn’t interest me. Having said that, the book I pretend to have read is:

Neither essays, nor non-fiction excite me.

14. My Curl Up Read:

Well, if people are not gonna judge me, then my curl up read is “The Vampire Diaries” – Oh… Damon!!!! Damon Salvatore 😛

15. My Favorite Book Series:

Should I even say it? Duh!

16. My Favorite Jane Austen Character:

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen 🙂

Well, it is… didn’t you guys guess when I told about being Marianne Dashwood? Although, he ended up as a jerk, still I shamefully admit that I fell in love with Mr. John Willoughby’s charms. Despite liking Mr. Darcy. It is always Willoughby who is my favorite Jane Austen character. Whoever said, “Girls fall for bad guys,” have said it right.

~to be continued…



P.S: Watch this wonderful Tamizh movie named “Kandukonden Kandukonden,” which is a adaptation of “Sense and Sensibility”. Trust me, I fell in love with Willoughby role in the movie too, despite knowing that he is gonna be a jerk.



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