Preeti Shenoy’s It Happens For A Reason – Book Review

Hi, Folks,

I got a message from Amazon this noon that “It happens for a reason” has been delivered at my residence. The first thing I did after I got back home was to grab the package from my mom and start reading. After three hours and 250+ pages, here is my review about the book.

1795852_1002936923056460_7261711117529021809_oPublished by Westland Publishers, this book is the latest novel by Preeti Shenoy, who had already authored 5 other novels. A cross between Romance, Drama, and everyday fiction, this novel has a gripping screenplay that keeps the readers hooked.


Vipasha, known as Vee, is a happy-go-lucky clueless teenager, who chose to have her baby when she accidentally becomes pregnant at the age of 18. Fast-forward 16 years, she is a mom of 15-year-old Aryan, with whom she shares a lovely bond. Supported by her friends Manav and Suchi, she juggles between two jobs to make the ends meet. Disowned by her mother but guided and cared for by her father Vipasha’s normal life takes a steep turn when she develops feelings for a local vet Dr. Saurabh, on one hand, and on the other, her son’s father, the love of her life — who abandoned her 16 years back, Ankush comes back into their lives. What happens next, happens for a reason.

What I liked?

Although initially the book started at a slow pace, it kind of gets gluing once it reaches a hundred pages. This book, like Preeti’s other novels, is so relating to day-to-day lives. You might have had an ex like Ankush or Vee, a best friend like Suchi or Manav, a son or sibling like Aryan, a friend’s mom or your mom like Ammu Aunty, a servant like Jamu, etc. The story is simple and it sticks on to the title, but still it is realistic.

Wow factors:

1. The impeccable narration style, feels like you are telling your story to someone instead of reading it.

2. Potrayal of characters that are correlating to one’s life.

3. The perfect importance given to the protagonists, be it Ankush, Aryan, or Vee.

4. Exploring the unexplored areas: dog-care, single teen mother, mother-son bond, lust over love, friendzone, etc.

5 Perfect balancing of two eras – before social media and after social media.

Not-so-wow factors:

1. A couple of proofread errors! :O (It is not the first time, I find it in her work – very tiny ones, but hard to ignore).

2. Kind a monotony in the past few novels – characterization of lead female: teenage love, entrepreneurs, lust-love chaos, strict or not-so-caring mother, etc. However, no complaints here, as long as the readers enjoy it.

My verdict:

Preeti Shenoy manages to cast her spell once again in this emotional romantic thriller with her signature style of characterization sprinkled with a strong screenplay.

Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend?

Yes, if romance/everyday fiction is your genre.



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