A Chit-Chat with Author RV Raman

I recently gave a spotlight post and a book review for Fraudster Novel. Now, it’s time for you all to know the brain behind Fraudster Novel, R.V. Raman.

1. What led up to the publication of your first novel ‘Fraudster’? What made you write your first book?

Fraudster is actually not my first novel. My writing hobby began with epic fantasy, which I write under the nom de plume of Kevan Dinn.

I have always liked creating – be it setting up an organisation or a new unit within an existing organisation. Corporate life doesn’t give many opportunities to create, although I must say that I have been luckier than most in this regard. So, when I was approaching 50, and began wondering what else I’d like to do in life, I looked for creative outlets. Writing was an obvious option as it required no infrastructure, and could be done anywhere and at any time.

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2. Take us through a typical day in the life of RV Raman.

It’s pretty unstructured, with writing fitting in around other activities. I don’t write very much during a term when I teach. Similarly, I also don’t write when I am traveling or working with clients. On other days, mornings and post-dinner hours seem to work best for writing, and I pretty much do that anywhere in the house. But when I get to the editing stage, I work at a desk, as editing requires discipline and rigour.

3. Do you believe it is important for authors to be online?

It depends on what your target audience is, and on which stage of your writing hobby/career you are at. If a sizable part of your audience comprises people who spend a lot of time online, it becomes essential. It is also critical for new writers who are trying to get a foothold.

On the other hand, if you are an established writer with a wide readership, there are fewer reasons to be online, unless you want to be online. For instance, I don’t see Frederick Forsyth online. I recently read that he still uses a typewriter! If you are someone of his stature, being online is entirely optional.

4. Do you have time to read other fiction books? If so, whose works do you prefer to read?

Yes, I do. I read most genres other than romance, erotica and horror. I think I have read most (if not all) works of my favourite authors. I don’t have strong favourites among contemporary authors, and prefer to sample a wider range.

5. What is the greatest change (if any) in your life after you began writing?

Writing per se has brought no significant change other than to infuse some loneliness (it is a lonely activity, after all). But writing is a part of the change I sought.

6. What is the greatest challenge you have faced in your career as a corporate advisor?

Striking a balance between work and personal life. Consequently, you end up burning the candle at both ends.

7. Tell us about your family and their responses about your new role as an author.

Reading has been an integral part of our lives; more than TV or movies. It is therefore no surprise that my wife and two sons are supportive of my taking up writing. They are involved in all stages of the novel creation process. My wife is my resident editor and language advisor, in addition to being a sounding board and my first beta reader for crime fiction. When it comes to epic fantasy, my sons are my critics and advisors. In many ways, they represent the reader. They are co-creators of my epic fantasy world.

8. Is your new novel in the making? If so, can you share with us the genre and probable publishing time?

My next corporate thriller is set in the Indian stock market. I hope to show it to the publishers sometime in 2015.

9. It is hard for a father to pick his favourite child, so it is for an author to pick a favourite character. If asked to pick the most favourite character (only one) from the Fraudster novel, whom will you pick, and why?

Varsha. She represents what I would have liked in a daughter (had I had one).

Stri says: Thank you, sir, for a lovely session of interview.

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