Book Review – Fraudster by R.V. Raman

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It was been a hectic week, and only relief to the otherwise boring week were the series of books, which I have received to be reviewed. My mom jokingly said, “With the amount of fictional thrillers you read, I am sure you should be awarded a PhD in reading fiction.” Well, after reviewing a book couple of days back, I am back with the review of Fraudster.

Written by R.V. Raman, this book is a corporate thriller. The term corporate thriller is what that made me curious about this book. There are many corporate based novels, but most of them would either me a ‘motivational’ non-fiction or a romance fiction. With not many corporate thrillers from Indian authors in the recent times, this book was definitely a welcome relief.

The back cover was so unique and provoking the urge to read the novel. Once I started with this novel, it was un-put-downable. It took me about 3-4 hours to finish it, and there was one point where I didn’t want the novel to end. Well, what was so engrossing?


In Mumbai, a young banker who recently lost her job was murdered. After a few days, a doyen of corporate India falls from his apartment in Mumbai. Also, in Delhi, another senior resource of the same bank dies. Above all, server room of a multinational accounting firm is hacked. But, the hackers are looking onto more than just user data. Caught in this wild web are Varsha, an assistant manager-cum-CA; Ashwin, a techie; Kunal, an ethical hancker; Manish, another corporate professional. Also, their lives meet with Kamini and her childhood friend Ashok, when Varsha, Kunal, and Manish witness the murder of Kamini’s father. Within 12 days, there had been 3 murders, few attacks, and above all a bomb blast. Inspector Ranade needs to find out the mastermind behind this before things get serious. With no one to trust, and with no one to be spared, will Ranade along with Varsha find the culprit?

About the author:

RV Raman is a banker who is currently teaching for IIM-Trichy MBA graduates. He is based out in Chennai.


1. The narration was flawless and it took me to an imaginative world of the characters.
2. The story was strong and the screenplay was crisp.
3. The explanation of banking terms were so clear that even a layman can understand it without a need for external source.
4. The suspense was well built and the end was crystal clear.
5. The story was un-put-downable.6.  For a first time author, this book was sheer brilliant and has a unique style.
7. The book was for once breaking the stereotypes: two damsels in distress, what happens next? Hero comes? No, the girl kicks the ass of her attacker. The bomb is found, what happens next? Inspector cuts a wire? No, all of them run away, that’s the logical way to save your ass.


Not that there were any; however, the names were confusing as at times a banker was addressed using last names always while few bankers were addressed by only first names.


A fast pacing corporate thriller very much true to its genre. If you are game for a novel full of twists, turns, and suspense, then this is the one for you.

Do I recommend?




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