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Corporate employee Nishant Kaushik, comes up with his yet another ‘witty’ corporate fiction “Chaos Down Under”, which is his fourth book and also the second installment of his “Chaos Trilogy”, the previous one being “A Romance With Chaos.”

Published by Rupa Publishers priced at Rs. 295, this book is categorized under fiction. However, once into the book, we realize that it is more of a management terminologies book polished with fictional elements.


Nakul Kapoor is back in the second installment of the Chaos Trilogy after breaking up from his gold digger girlfriend Ms. Kavya Mehra. With young achiever award to his credit, this guy feels ambitious to achieve higher levels in his profession. Enter Mehek, a simple girl, on whom Nakul is crazy about. While Nakul has fallen crazy for her, she has still kept him in the friend zone. If you feel the plot is too cliché till now, then maybe you are wrong as the plot gets more cliché after this only. Nakul is given charge of an important project in his company, and his life weirdly started to change based on it. While Nakul was this not-so-lucky employee who suddenly gets opportunity, the other characters in some way or other either help him or unwittingly ruin his chances. Nakul recruits employees out of which Ms. Radha is a stereotypical south Indian who messes up more than necessary and cries to make it alright. Mr. Akshat is a spoilt brat with whom Nakul has a secret with. Then there is a shy Dharmesh.  Apart from employees and Mehak, who is also his colleague, there is Suresh Shah, who is like a father figure to Nakul, but what he sees him as is as a nosy neighbor. Amidst all these, is Nakul able to come out successful?

What’s Wow?

  1. Simple narration without any complicated descriptions. The story is self-explanatory.
  2. Quite witty at times, and a wide array of supporting characters are used.
  3. The scenes described in the corporate world are quite so relatable and realistic. For example: rubbery Paneer in canteen, H.R policies, not-so-clever bosses, the lies that corporate people have to tell their clients, etc.

What’s Oops?

  1. Too cliché – Name the cliché, and it is present in the story.
  2. Stereotyping – South Indian girls don’t have fun, Girls are jealous, etc – Things like these have been subtly and not-so-subtly said across the story.
  3. Too dragging and more of unnecessary screenplay at places. The story feels like it has been written for making it as a movie instead of a novel.

What could have been done for betterment of the book?

  1. The number of cliché and stereotypes might have been reduced.
  2. The author should have written a concrete story before adding screenplay. From the screen writer’s point of you, the story does justice, but not for the readers.

Rating: 2/5

One-liner: The book is a light read and can be recommended to be read by people interested in simple and not-so-unique corporate fiction. If you prefer to read books that give more opinion about the corporate world and are more sarcastic, then this one is not for you.

Do I recommend?

Yes, only if you prefer reading corporate fiction that is not as classy as its counterparts. Also, if you have 3 hours to while away, then this can be used for a light read.

P.S: Thanks Nishant and BlogAdda for sending a complimentary signed copy of this book in return for an unbiased review.



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