10 Things That I Am Grateful For!

Hi, Folks,

I wanted to make a post that shows more of pictures than words as it will speak more to you. My life isn’t the most perfect one, but amidst all those imperfections, I am happy. Why? See…

1. Because I can afford this every weekend, at times every night…

2. Well, I love dance and rain 🙂

3. Being mumma’s lil girl!

4. For this…

5. I can afford to do this, and have a supportive mom to understand it!

6. May be I am gifted, may be I am not. However, i enjoy doing this

7. I can do this, without creating a disaster

8. Well, this! Not just one, but 10 girl BFFs

9. And most importantly this!

10. Finally… this… is similar to my wardrobe!

Certain things were materialistic, and few weren’t. Either way, I am glad about my not-so-perfect-yet-happy life!





Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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