50 Simple Life Lessons, Which I Learnt When I Turned 24!

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I am been striking off things on my bucket list 😉 With this post, it is one more down.

Life teaches lessons to every one of us; some lessons are harsh, some are funny, and some are obvious, but it does teach us something valuable. Here is a compilation of some of the lessons that I learnt from my life of 24 years.

Image source: http://lovinglifeathome.com/2013/10/02/50-life-lessons-ive-learned-the-hard-way/

  1. No matter how hard you try, there are going to be some people who would hate or dislike you.
  2. The best part about it is that you will learn in course of time to not give a damn to those people.
  3. No one would confess their complete, true feelings to you; majority doesn’t due to fear of rejection and the rest due to lack of communication skills.
  4. There are people who no matter how hard they try to please you would never be your friends (they just aren’t your cup of tea).
  5. If first love succeeds, you live with a hidden fear of losing it, and if it fails, you live with an explicit fear of not being able to trust again.
  6. There comes a point in life when you realize that mummy was indeed right.
  7. There comes a point in life when you realize that mummy was utterly wrong.
  8. All you need in life is one or two best friends and 5-8 close friends, the rest doesn’t even matter.
  9. After spending some time, you might realize that you indeed like someone whom you disliked at the very first sight, and you might loathe someone whom you thought was cool.
  10. If you haven’t travelled, you are surviving and not living.
  11. There comes a point in life when technology (read: social media) takes over you.
  12. If you are willful enough to overcome that point of addiction, then you deserve a pat on your back.
  13. When you are committed, you might want to be single again, and vice-versa.
  14. Chocolate has solutions to all the problems.
  15. If not, chocolate ice cream has.
  16. 99% of the concepts you studied in college are not used at your workplace.
  17. Whatsapp’s timestamp and Facebook’s ‘Seen’ options are the worst enemies of everyone’s lives.
  18. For girls, no matter how awesome you are in your field of interest, there is a 90% chance that you will be judged based on your cooking skills. *sigh sigh*
  19. For boys, no matter how classy and decent you are, one extra minute of glance at a girl will yield you the name of ‘pervert’. *sigh sigh*
  20. The chance of getting wailing babies, nosy aunties, perverted uncles, and ‘PDA-obsessed’ couple in your train compartment doubles when you are travelling alone.
  21. For girls with layered hairs, no matter how hard you try, you can never manage to put you hair into a neat bun!
  22. Interestingly, your mom can always put your hair into a clean and neat bun.
  23. “SALE” – The four letters that make you buy things you don’t need.
  24. For working people, when you find yourself depressed and scared every morning, then it’s high time you quit that job which you are doing.
  25. The probability of getting cashews in kheer is inversely proportional to that of getting karela (bitter gourd) for lunch, and the probability of the latter is damn too high.
  26. For girls, no matter how many dresses you have, every morning, you are going to have a feeling that “I’ve nothing to wear”.
  27. If you go to a health and cosmetics store, you might end up coming out depresses and devastated as the saleswomen there are most likely to have told you that, “you are tanned, you have acnes, you are too fat, you are too thin, you have split ends, or you have chapped lips, so buy these.”
  28. However, trust me, all these are lies. (Next time, she tells you have tan on your face and tries to rub it off with cotton and her so called “beauty” cream, try the dame on her. Chances are high that her skin has more dirt, or tan, or fake make-up than yours.)
  29. 50% of the people get married because they want to or they are in love with, and 20% people get married out of parental pressure. As of the remaining, they get married because all their friends have.
  30. For all those so-called ‘feminist’ ladies (real feminists excluded), you need to realize that feminism isn’t about snatching men’s rights; it is about fighting for what is legally ours. (If life didn’t teach you this, I think, I should).
  31. For girls, hanging out with guy best friends is super cool as it involves less drama; however, your chances of getting friend-zoned is damn too high.
  32. Every girl (at least most of the girls) have dreams about their perfect wedding, but let me tell you, in your wedding you can’t even eat the food properly. 😛 😀 (Learnt from sisters’ and friends’ weddings)
  33. Right shoes, right bras, and right guy – hard to find, harder to maintain, hardest to let go.
  34. Day 2 of periods is like Dolores Umbridge – Enough said.
  35. At times, you need to say NO!
  36. At times, you need to say YES!
  37. You won’t need to explain anyone about your food habits, job preferences, lifestyle, hobbies, and sexual orientation (if in case, you live in a country which has no rules regarding these).
  38. No matter how decently dressed a girl is, victim blaming is the first thing people do in case of rape, harassment, or eve-teasing.
  39. If you don’t stand up against sexual violence against you, no one else will.
  40. If you haven’t read books, then it’s highly probable that you have missed something great even without knowing it.
  41. In certain times, silence is the best answer.
  42. Sometimes, sarcasm is.
  43. Most of the time, ‘whatever’ is.
  44. You feel sleepy in the day and wide awake in the night; we deserve to live in a different time-zone.
  45. When your best friend gets married (especially if you both are opposite sexes), chances are high that lots of rules and regulations come in-between.
  46. Fairytales are true, and they are incomplete. What happened to Cindrella after wedding? Think!
  47. Being single is most underrated thing. Enjoy it.
  48. Chances of having a snoring partner, obnoxious project partner, and rude neighbor are damn too high.
  49. No matter how hard you try, nails get chipped, and hair seems to stop growing after a certain point.
  50. Most of the times, you end up regretting the haircut that you had had.

These are few life-lessons that I learnt from my life and from the people in it. Feel free to share yours in comments.




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