Eight Foods That Are a Specialty of These Eight Restaurants

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“So much to eat, so little time” – This is the biggest worry of every foodie, including me. To make your worries more gruesome, let me add a list of 8 mouth-watering dishes that should definitely be tried from these eight restaurants in Chennai.

  1. Gulab Jamun from Mast Kalandar (MK): They are officially the best gulab jamun makers in the town. Their pillowy soft gulab jamuns can make your mouth water just by seeing it. The gulab jamuns will be a treat not just for your taste buds but also to your other 4 senses as well, as they look yummy, feel soft, smell delicious, and sound nothing (that’s how a soft gulab jamun should be, isn’t it?) There are five MK outlets in Chennai at OMR, Adyar, Teynampet, Velachery, and Ashok Nagar respectively.
  2. Dhokla from Shri Gujarati Mandal: The first name that comes to every foodie’s mind, when anyone mentions Gujarati food, is this place. Situated in the busy Phillips Street in Broadway, this place sells authentic Dhokla that are soft as sponge, and the taste will take you to the land of Gujarat.
  3. Jilebi with Rabdi from Rajdhani: If you are a person who felt that Chennai doesn’t have authentic Jilebi then you haven’t tried the hot jilebis with cold rabdi from Rajdhani. The jilebis, however, will not be available separately. They are served as a part of the Rajdhani Thali meals. Jilebis, like the other food items in the meals, are unlimited. Rajdhani is located at three places in Chennai: Phoenix Market City, Ampa Skywalk, and Express Avenue.
  4. Hot Chocolate from Sandy’s chocolate laboratory: Unique as the name of the restaurant, this place provides unique and authentic chocolate based food. This is one place where most foodies start with the dessert first. Hot chocolate from Sandy’s is deliciously good and sumptuous. Sandy’s is located in Alwarpet and Nungambakkam.
  5. Quesadillas from Entrée: Are you a fan of Mexican dishes, especially quesadillas? Entrée at the Express Avenue mall is the place that you should be in. Although pure Mexican restaurants are very scarce in Chennai, there are few restaurants like Entrée that provide authentic international dishes. With a luxurious dining experience, Entrée is the place to happily munch your quesadillas while gazing into the green gardens through the window.
  6. Idly and Sambhar: The dish of Madras. Known as the famous food of Madras, Idly Sambhar is one of the most preferred as well as nutritious breakfast here. The first name that runs in our mind when we hear Idly Sambhar is Ratna Café, Triplicane. Almost everyone who dwells in Chennai would have tried this; if not then it is high time to try it right away.
  7. Ghee Dosa from Sri Krishna Sweets: Most of us know that Sri Krishna Sweets outlets provide mouth-watering mysurpas; however, what is little known is the fact that they also provide crispy and delicious Ghee Roast. In some of the outlets, they provide a small plantain leaf dipped in ghee, along with the ghee roast to add more taste. There are plenty of outlets in Chennai, and my favorite is the one in Mylapore.
  8. Pongal, Vadai, and Filter Coffee at Rayar’s mess: You haven’t truly lived in Chennai, if you haven’t had Pongal, Vadai, and filter coffee at the Rayar’s mess, Mylapore. This small mess serves genuine and scrumptious food that gives the true feel of being in Mylapore. If you feel like marching out to Rayar’s mess right now, please wait, as the right time to be there is 7:30 AM in the morning (The food runs out by 8:30 AM).

All the dishes listed were tried, tested, and reviewed in Zomato personally by me. If you haven’t tried them yet, do try them. If you have tried them already, congrats, you have another reason to try them again.

P.S: None of the photos are mine. They are taken from Google Search.





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