Party Look #1 – How to make your own dress?

Hi, Gorgeous People!

Yeah, finally found a lousy Sunday afternoon to blog, and here it goes. Today, my OOTD (or) what i call as the LookBook post is about a chic and trendy party wear! Also, this dress is going to be quite a surprise. Why? Well, before that, have a sneak peek!

Well, the dress is pretty, ain’t it? But how much did it cost? Where did I buy? Buaahah, i didn’t buy it I made it from my old clothes. Yeah, here is the procedure.

What all will you need?

1. A tube top or razorback (I have taken a blue razorback top)

2. A netted stole in color of the razor back

3. An old dress, tee-shirt, or shirt in contrasting color (I have taken a pink dress)

4. A brooch or large belt

5. Pair of ballerinas or pumps

6. Accessories.

First wear the tube top/ razorback and a seamless panties. Wear your old dress or tee-shirt from the bottom such that it looks like a skirt. Wrap around the sleeves in a suave fashion and secure it with a belt or brooch. Now, use the stole to make a top above your razorback. Wrap the stole on your front, and twist then in the back, make a crisscross, and tie it up into your neck like a halter top. Finally pair it up with shoes and accessories.

Where I got the stuffs I used from?

1. Tank top – Jockey – Rs. 189

2. Stole – From a thrift market in T.Nagar, Chennai – Rs. 80

3. Dress – On sale at Wendell Rodrick’s – 2 years back – Rs. 1999 (Without discount)

4. Brooch – Globus Rs. 99 (Part of some other neck piece)

5. Shoes – Bata – Rs. 349

6. Earrings and Necklace – TerraBella – (Ask on the site for rates)

7. Bangles – From a thrift market in Triplicane, Chennai – Rs. 10 each

One more picture!

Yay - Lemme, the model & the designer!
Yay – Lemme, the model & the designer!

P.S: It is super comfortable.
P.P.S: I have put no make up, as I just wanted to share the outfit alone, the nail paint that I am sporting is Maybeline ColorShow – Reviewed here.
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~Stay Gorgeous!


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