Oops, It’s my wedding day!

Shaina looked breathtakingly pretty in her green and purple lehanga. She has rechecked her infinite times already. “Dulhan aajao,” she heard her jijaji teasingly call her. She gestured two minutes and rushed into the washroom. She has been urinating frequently since morning, and she brushed it away as pre-marital jitters, but this time there was a burning sensation in her tummy as she attended the nature’s calls. It was too hard to ignore. She kept on splashing water, thinking that it might cool the internal burning. May be she shouldn’t have drunk too much in the cocktail party last night, may be she had too many golgappes that were mixed with tequila, or may be she is really ill. Her thoughts were disturbed by loud banging of the doors; she heard her mom screaming, “You don’t want to get married or what?” She opened the bathroom door and saw her mom. “Chalo, we need to go shopping for you bridal lehanga,” her mom said as a matter of fact. She then realized that she has been dreaming in the loo.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.





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