Private India – Book Review

Hi, folks,

This weekend the book that kept me busy was “Private India”.

Private India is the eighth book in the “Private” series. Similar to the previous seven “Private” books that were written by James Patterson with a co-author, this book too is written by him; however, this time it is with an Indian author Ashwin Sanghi. Patterson is well-known for his gripping and thrilling fiction book writing skills. On the other hand, Sanghi too is a well-known author who has been critically acclaimed for his previous books. With such high expectations from both the popular authors, what does one can expect from Private India? An edge-of-the-seat thriller! Is that expectation satisfied? Do the authors make justice to their fans.


Published by Century Publishers, this 384 pages novel is based on serial killings that happen in Mumbai. Mr. Santosh Wagh, head of Private India—the Indian branch of Private, a world-renowned investigating company, along with his team of expert investigator, Nisha Gandhe, techie, Hari, and medical examiner, Mubeen, is assigned a case of serial killing on women. Jack Morgan, the chief investigator from the previous Private series, also plays a cameo role in the investigation process.


When visiting India, a non-Indian surgeon Dr. Jaiyen is murdered in mysterious circumstances at the hotel where she stays, Private India team reaches the crime scene as they are employed by the hotel authorities. The police who arrive later are okay to let Private India team get on with it. This is followed by several other murders, where again Private India team investigates. A reporter Ms. Choksi is the second victim, followed by Ms. Xavier, a school headmistress, Ms. Lal, the Chief Justice of Mumbai High Court, Ms. Sharma, a politician and few others. The killer murders on a non-stop basis and each murder victim found with some cultural props near them. Private India team is unable to find the killer till almost 7 victims are murdered, but when they do they do it in the right time, style, and manner like any good detective thriller. Behind the serial killing is a hidden scandal, a hushed up secret, a sense of betrayal, a strand of humiliation, an urge for revenge, and above all a lot of negativity. While the first three-quarters of the book open a significant amount of thrills, the reminder of the book tries to tie all the ends and finish it with a bang, but sadly, it just finishes.


  1. The epic combo of Ashwin Sanghi and James Patterson, two highly praised thriller novelists in a single book.
  2. Very simple way of telling the story that will interest and fascinate not only avid readers but also first time readers.
  3. Building up the suspense with fast pacing screenplay that makes the book a quick read.


  1. Same old serial killing, bomb blast, terrorism, and don-based plot.
  2. Considering Sanghi’s fascination to historical and theological fiction, this book should have had at least some theological facts revealed. On the contrary, this book is just another detective fiction with a repetitive storyline.

Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend? You can give it a read; however, without any expectations.




  1. Fast paced review for a fast paced book. Yes, even i expected more on the Ashwin Sanghi style detailing from the book. We need to treat this book as a collaborative work and not purely Ashwin Sanghi baby. That will make it less disappointing ….


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