Chennai, oops I mean, Madras – My Love!!

Hi Folks,

I am part of this super awesome group called “Chennai Bloggers Club”, CBC in short. We are a group of unique, witty, and jovial bunch who have strong bondage to Chennai aka Madras. As a part of the group, we are blogging on CBC TABLOG 2, it is the second year. TABLOG is something where a single topic is chosen and a bunch of bloggers blog on it. The topic for this year is “One aspect that I’d like to change about Chennai.” Before me 6 other lovely bloggers have blogged on this topic, and the most recent one who blogged is Kalyani, who has this amazing blog. Show her lots of love by visiting her blog!

Now, coming to the topic, what would I like to change about Chennai? Well, I wanted to write a big thesis on beach cleanliness, civic sense, etc but those were all well discussed. So, here I am with a lighter topic – Pani Puri! Yeah, you read it right. I wanna change the Pani Puri 😛 Well, you know what’s the biggest nightmare of a foodie like me? It’s eating bad briyani or bad pani puri. Well, I hunted various shops for pani puri in Madras, ranging from roadside vendors to the Taj. Nowhere, trust me nowhere it was authentic. At times, people do suggest me few places, but at the end of the day, I am not satisfied. One might question what is so important about Pani Puri. Pani Puri is elixir. DOT. Every major city has nice chat stalls at street ends, except Chennai. There are places like Gangotree serving authentic chaat and pani puri, but it is way too costlier. That awesome feel of eating 8-10 golgappe for 5 bucks in roadside pani puri stall, damn that’s ecstasy. I wish more authentic pani puri stalls come in the city.

If you think, I was so silly to write on Pani Puri, I must quote that Pani Puri is a vital, survival, and crucial food for a foodie like me! Also, there are lot of posts that are going to talk about more strong topics and aspects those need a change. In fact, there is this lovely lady, whom I proudly call as soul sister, Umasree is blogging tomorrow about the same topic! She is a very jovial and kind person; also, she is a blogger whose blog shouldn’t give a miss. She works in IBM and blogs at Umasree.

Here is a lovely logo for the TABLOG by engal chella pillai Kaushik (our little boy! The IIT guy!)

tablog-ii-logoHere is a pic of me and Umasree! 🙂 🙂

Chalo, It’s my birthday today! When this is getting published, I will be happily eating chocolate cheesecakes!

Love & Cheers,



  1. Near my house, Adyar Ananda Bhavan and even local chat shops offer good pani puris. But it’s too hot for me, I prefer dahi-chats. Anyway, I hope there is a panipuri revolution near your house and vendors outdo themselves with various offers! 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  2. Happy Birthday and many many happy returns of the Day
    and hey heres wishing you having Good pani puri today on your birthday 🙂

    but yeah I would really like a Good Pani puri stall here in UK tooo I so wanttt.. we get them in one box and the water in a bottle 🙂


  3. Great! Now overcome this. I ate my first on-road-pani puri when I was 26 ! and second perhaps after 28!! Blasphemous 🙂 it was only after shifting here in Bangalore that I am eating it at least twice in a month !! Best wishes for your birthday Sri…..


  4. A light but really thoughtful aspect of Chennai 🙂 I’m not that fan of Pani Puri, but a slave to Pav Bhaji. Though my thoughts on Pav Bhaji are same as yours’. We need some more quality (and cheaper 😉 ) chat shops in Chennai 🙂


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