Maybeline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner Review

Hi Gorgeous People!!

I wanted to try out some really lovely eyeliner other than the Lakme one which I usually use, thus I ended up buying the Maybeline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner and to my surprise I ended up liking it loads that I right away wrote this review. It’s been 2 days since I am using this eyeliner and I am really glad to have found this thin brushed long stay liner. Also, what makes this more preferable is the wide range of colors that are available. Yes, not just black, this eyeliner has shades like Navy Blue, Turquoise Blue, Khakhi, Orange, Green, etc. I have tried out three colors and ended up buying the Navy Blue one.

Maybeline is one of my favorite products for eye and lip based cosmetics. The hyper glossy liquid liner is smooth, thin brushed, and very much long lasting that it gives you the perfect glamorous eye look.

What’s WOW?

1. The brush is damn thin that it gets the perfect finish in one stroke.

2. The liner dries quickly (in less than a minute).

3. It is sweat, tears, and drizzle proof.

4. It stays 9-5 to give that perfect look.

5. It comes in vibrant shades.


What’s OOPS?

1. Doesn’t stay for 24 hours as promised.

2. Not water proof – as in a drop or two won’t damage but washing the face will end up ruining the eyeliner.

Ingredients: Check the image above

Rate: Rs. 225 for 3 gms

Will I Use? Of course yes, planning to buy all the colors.

Will I Recommend? Surely, yes!


Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy?

Offline: Health and Glow, Any store that sells cosmetics.

Online: Shoppers Stop and various other sites too.

~Stay Gorgeous!

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