Safi – Natural Blood Purifier – Review

Hi Gorgeous People!!

“Sri, yet another trip. Damn, you are of marriageable age. Don’t spoil your skin” – Well, yeah that’s my mom’s reaction when I ask for permission to go on a trip. Trip or no trip, sin anyhow gets spoiled – thanks to the pollution, poor eating habits, and weird diseases like PCOD that causes ill-effects on our lovely skin. I have been there, suffered that – yeah, the worst pollution, PCOD, trips, Holi colors, face painting, Junk Food, etc. Whatsoever cosmetics we use, they clear and clean our external skin but what purifies our blood and gives our face a natural glow? A Natural Blood Purifier does!

Safi is one of the natural blood purifier that I have been using for past couple of years. This was recommended to me by my doctor and since then I should say that I am indeed facing lot of positive results.



From the brand of Hamdard, Safi is a well known blood purifier that is in the market for few decades. This purifier guarantees pimple free skin in just 21 days and also cures blemishes, acne, vulgaris, rashes, urticaria, etc. This unani based medicine is available without prescription and is purely ayurvedic. The major contents that Senna, Revand Chini, Neem, Chiraita, Tulsi which help in keeping stomach clear, purifying blood, improving liver function, promoting cell repair, better skin conditioning, and improving blood circulation.

What’s WOW?

1. Visible results from first few days of usage.

2. No harmful side effects unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

3. Suitable for all age groups (above 10 years) and both the genders.

4. Totally natural and highly safe.

5. Apart from blood purification helps in cleansing stomach thus streamlining bowel activities.

What’s OOPS?

1. One should bear with the bitter taste of thee syrup.

Rate: Rs. 43 for 100ml

Will I recommend?  Surely yes!

Will I Use Again? Of course, yes!

Where to buy? Any medical stores in your city/town or

~Stay Gorgeous!

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