Ethnic Look #1 – Kerala Saree!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

Here goes the StyleBook – Yeah, my looks at various occasions and what I sported to get that look. I would be jotting down every minute detail possible so that if you like my look, you will know how to sport it! As soon as I started to have this idea, I thought why not write a traditional Look Book post as the first post thus I ended up writing this post. In this, I am sporting a Kerala Cotton Saree with complete traditional look for a simple function at my neighbor’s place.

The Dress!

Here take a look at me with the whole outfit


Now, the outfit alone!


Saree: Authentic Kerala Cotton Saree made of cotton mix in a golden white shade with golden border. The saree has patterns of butterfly on it in the pallu and the body of the saree is plain. Rate: Rs. 600 Gifted by a classmate from Trivandrum, Kerala.

Blouse/Choli: Yeah, I prefer back button for my blouse and the blouse is made of silk cotton. It is custom made to my specifications and design by a local tailor. Cost: Rs. 350 (Blouse material + Stitching Charges+ Accessories). The accessories (the pattern in the hand and the hanging in the dori) are bought from a local wholesale choli accessories shop in Chennai.

The Jewels!

Here take a look of my close up picture with the jewels.


Now, the jewels alone!


Bangle: Gifted by my sister. This bangle is made of metal alloys priced at Rs.125/piece got from Hyderabad.

Jhumkas/Ear studs: Although my necklace came with earrings I preferred to sport authentic Jhumkas that I shopped at local flea market for Rs. 40/pair.

Neckpiece: Made of one gram gold, this neckpiece has a pair of earrings too in the same pattern and I got it at Rs. 325 (after 50% off) from Eves’ Pearls, Secundrabad.

The Make-Up!

I am a person who goes mostly with zero or nude based make up because I love my dusky, flawless skin the way it is. However, just to add some charm to my look I had applied these.

Face: Olay Total Effects Skin Cream.

Eyes: Lakme Drama Gel Liner.

Lips: Maybeline Color Bloom.

Body: Cocoa based Body Butter.

Nails: Maybeline Color Show – Bold Gold (Reviewed Here)

The Hair Do!

I curled up my straight hair at the ends to give a wavy look. After curling my hair was just near my shoulders thus I left it loose.


No, as it was happening inside my neighbor’s place.

Do you like my outfit? Share your thoughts in comments!

~Stay Gorgeous!


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