You, Me, He, She, & An Incomplete Love Story!

Welcome to my Stationery World! Introducing the new characters in my world!

Pencil – the protagonist,

Eraser – the antagonist,

Color Pencils – the boring girls,

Parker Pen – the GIRL,

Reynolds Racer Pen – the TOM BOY,

Trimax Pen – the DUDE,

Sticky Notes – friends of protagonist,

The Play!

Pencil: Wooooo, I love her!!!!

Sticky Note: Write on me, I will convey it to her!

Pencil: Won’t it be too indecent? I wish I had the guts to tell it to her by myself!

Eraser: You useless fellow. Why do you exist? You are grey, shady, and moody!

*Pencil weeps in silence*

Color Pencil 1: Whoa look there, Pencil is sitting alone.

Color Pencil 2: Yeah, let’s cheer him up. Hi Pencil!

Pencil: Hello sisters!!!

*Color Pencils weep for being sister-zoned*

Reynolds Racer: Hey Pencil… Cheer up!

Pencil: Hmmm

Reynolds Racer: Be confident, chalo.

Pencil: How can I be when no one likes me?

Reynolds Racer: Who said no one likes you? I like you a lot, you are pretty cool. You are made of graphite and you are fit and perfect *secretly wishes that pencil understands her love*

Pencil: Hmmm, I wish Parker says me these.

*Reynolds quickly wipes her tears*

Trimax: Hey honey!

Parker: Hello

Trimax: Would you love to take a trip to the craft exhibition? It’s gonna be fun. Lots of colors and vibrance!

Parker: Sure, I would love to!

Seeing Parker and Trimax hand in hand Pencil’s heart broke and seeing Pencil sad, Reynolds felt sad!!

Sticky notes: Aagayi Stri madamji… chalo, all of you settle up in your places!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.




  1. Haha very nice…. My stationery love me more than they love themselves 😀 😀 😀 I will ask my boys and girls (stationery) about their love stories 😀


  2. Loved it. Made me remember the Pehla Nasha song, both the original one and the remix by Bally Sagoo!

    PS: I don’t want to poke my nose into your creativity, but I imagined the Reynold Racer would have be the Dood’s name! 😉

    Keep blogging.




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