Me, Myself, and My Zero Figure – Size Zero!!!

Hi Gorgeous People!!

Yeah! I am Size Zero finally! Oh no, don’t give me those reproachful looks. I know many of the ladies out here would hate Size Zero but then hating it reminds me of the Fox & Grapes story. Even I used to criticize the Zero Figure Celebs and it was absolutely out of despair and J-Factor. However, in heart of heart I always wanted to have Size Zero. Many people suggested me to hit the gym, go on crash diet, and maintain strict vegan diet and what not! However, I didn’t follow any of these. I took my own way and believe it or not it took exactly 9 months to reduce 18kgs and drop down 4-6 inches of the overall vital stats.

Size Zero – What exactly is it? The size of the breast-waist-hip ratio should be between 30-22-32 to 33-25-35. Yeah, as simple as that. If this is the size then you will be able to wear XS or S size clothing which is Size 0 in US Standard.

Now, let me start with a picture of me before starting of the weight reduction session!
I weighed almost 69 Kgs, yeah thanks to my PCOD which made me bloat like a balloon.


Now, here is the picture of me clicked a couple of days ago!
I weigh 51 Kgs and Size Zero!


What exactly did I do?

Well, the diet was damn simple and it doesn’t need anything complex at all.
What did I skip? Sugar, Oil, Butter!
What did I consume a lot? Broccoli, Lettuce, Green Tea!

My Diet Chart!
750ml of cold water as soon after waking up.
After 15mins – 150ml of Green Tea – With honey and lemon.
After 45mins – Kellogg’s K + Skimmed Milk/Brown bread sandwich/Rawa Idly -2/Rawa Dosa-1/Paranthey-1
At around 11AM – Black Tea – Without Sugar!
After 1 hour 30 minutes – Lunch – Roti 2+Daal+Vegetable+Frozen Yoghurt (made of skimmed milk)
At 4PM – Coffee (Skimmed Milk, No Sugar)
At 7:30PM – Dinner – Rawa Dosa – 1/Roti 2+Sabji/Kellogg’s K + Skimmed Milk/Paranthey -2

My Cheat Meal!
I often cheat meal. Weekly once I eat out and I consume everything like cheese, pasta, sweets, and various other cuisines. I deeply regret it but then why should I sacrifice the treats my friends shower on me because of my obsession with weight loss? Well, on those days all I do is eat little of everything and pick a food that has low carbs and calories. Also, I won’t consume sugar, oil, and butter – no matter what the dishes are. If you think, I am starving then you are wrong because I do eat a lot and I am a Zomato Top Foodie!

My Exercise!
Oh well, my exercises are damn simple and really loveable. Here it goes!
1. 5km walk or jog – in the morning!
2. Yoga Session – 1 hour (Consists of Surya Namaskar, and few asanas – enroll into a yoga class)
3. 30 minutes of dance – I do western and dandiya (Enroll in Salsa or Bhangra if you don’t know dancing)
4. Walk and talk – I speak 1 hour daily oh phone and I walk and talk, talk and walk!
5. Crunches – Do that Tummy Crunches!! Yeah every one of them for 20 minutes.

What helps?
1. Chocolates – The Dark chocolates reduce weight!
2. Sleep – 6-8 hours of sleep!
3. Food – Proper quantities of food! Nothing more, nothing less!
4. Water – 4-5 liters are more than sufficient!

What doesn’t?
1. Sugar – They make you rapidly gain weight!
2. Soda – A Big No!
3. Pumpkin, Chikoo (Sapota) – They increase body fat at wrong places!

All these work well for me, I am not giving you the guarantee that you will end up in size zero but this post might act as a propeller or guidance to create your own weight reduction chart.

P.S: Quit smoking and drinking or at least reduce the level of consumption, because being a teetotaler helps you reduce a lot of weight. If you are a non-vegetarian, go with grilled chicken or grilled meat instead of fried ones.

P.P.S: Next month, I will come up with how to maintain the Size Zero post!

~Stay Gorgeous!


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  1. I am struggling with my waistline… your post in an inspiring. Specially because unlike other diets, you went for a healthy eating and heating lifestyle. Kudos. Stay gorgeous 🙂


  2. quite amazed tat u reveal ur successful diet plan…..and a hi -fi for tat zero size,nd a heart to share the secret behind it !


  3. Congratulations. You have got your health back too. Great going and all the best.
    Nice feel of this new blog.
    All the best.


  4. Absolutely gorgeous dear. You have done a splendid job. Size Zero is fine but you got your health back.
    Keep it up dear.
    Hope to try your tips.


  5. I am sooo happy and soo jealous … I was once size zero :/ now my hips are around 27 😥 it is very difficult to reduce but I am so gonna try your way … 😀 i am 50 but I do put on weight on my tummy 😥 I hope I reduce


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