How He Caught My Eye? – A tale of modern day relationships! – Chapter 4

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A Modern FB Story!
A Modern FB Story!

He was fed up; he wasn’t able to understand this girl. Anyways, when was the last time he ever understood women? They are so complex, aren’t they? Varun loved women, not just for the looks but also for their unique differences. He is a gentleman as well as a flirty guy in one but still he always feels detached in the whole concept of understanding women. Why hasn’t she responded to him, he didn’t say anything offensive and in fact they were going on in a really steady pace why would she stop responding all of a sudden?

He checked her last seen in WhatsApp for 7th time in the past half an hour and it was still showing the same. He reread the messages which he sent.

Varun: Cool. Can we play Truth or Dare?

Varun: Ms. Critic…

Varun: Madam, there?

Varun: Busy?

Varun: -_-

He smiled at himself for his sudden addiction; he was not the kind who woos girls, after break up with his second girlfriend he doesn’t even remember chatting for this long, and this casually with another girl. He felt a bit embarrassed for being too much in to this girl. However, this girl was intriguing, whimsical, and above all intelligent or maybe that’s how her Facebook profile projects her as. This may all together be false when he meets her however as of now, this girl is really very titillating and irresistible.

After some serious effort he puts away his mobile on his couch and looks in to the television in amazement, all the while there was this noisy Lungi Dance song being played and he didn’t even notice it in her thoughts. “Some women have power to give mental orgasms just by seeing them or thinking about them”, he thought. His thoughts drifted to his first girlfriend as she shuffled the channels, she gave him mental orgasms just by thinking about her. Six years of relationship with her has shaped him in a lot of ways both constructively and destructively. No other women, none so ever gave him butterflies in his stomach, neither of the 2 dates he had been with, nor his second girlfriend. He seriously wondered if the problem was in him or with the girls he went out with.

“Varun, hey Varun”, his mom’s yell disturbed him. “Yes mom” he yelled back without moving much from his comfortable couch. “Come and take this Boost and go.” “Mom, why do you call it as Boost always, I am daily correcting you – it is Bournvita”, he said as he went to the kitchen. His father who came out of his room to get his tea said, “She is neither going to correct it nor you are going to stop correcting her.” “Dad, who are you supporting?” “Hmmm, err that’s a difficult question. I would definitely support you but the very idea of sleeping on the couch makes me change my mind.” He winks and speaks with false strictness, “Boost or Bournvita – What makes the difference? Both are beverages, aren’t they?” Jayashree Narayan rolls her eyes at the two men and walks away.

“Dad, seems like you have to take the couch today. I don’t mind sharing my bed with you dad.” “Well, there are ways, a lot of ways to change the probability of me sleeping on the couch. What are you up to?” Varun and Narayan sit comfortably on the couch. Narayan started shuffling channels as he casually asks, “So, what’s your take on this year’s IPL?”

“Of course it is always CSK dad, is that even a question?” he said as a matter of fact. “Well, that’s my boy. I have huge hopes on CSK as always, I am not sure if they will win the match but they will definitely be playing finals” his father adds. “That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it? Rest of the teams play against one another, to compete with CSK in the finals; which is the unwritten rule in almost all of the past 6 IPLs”. Varun’s father laughs and slightly pats his son on his back. “Who gets spot 2 in your favorite list this time, Varun?” “That depends largely on players, dad. Well, I will go with Sunrisers for patriotism. Hyderabad ki Jai Ho.” “Seriously, Varun? Sunrisers? Why not RCB?” “You are there to support it nah dad. Your patriotism towards your city.”

“Well, it is not patriotism as such, Varun. Even if I wasn’t from Bangalore I would have loved RCB. They had one solid team in past IPLs. Even this year, they have retained Kohli, Gayle, and the de Villiers guy. Gayle is single handedly sufficient to manage batting well; Kohli and Gayle’s partnership will be an additional plus for the team. To do justice to the bowling side, they have Muralidharan. What more they need?”

“Well, leave the retained players, think of the ones they got new. Yuvraj Singh for 14 crores, that’s huge amount.” His father smiled and said, “Well, yeah that’s indeed huge. That’s like highest in this IPL nah?” “They didn’t spend that much on Dhoni also. I mean seriously, why such a huge amount on someone who is out of form, dad?” “I seriously don’t get their logic. This CSK team has taken Ashish Nehra of all the players.” “Yes dad, that’s one heavy mistake too I guess. There were so many trolls all over the Internet about how stupid it was to take Ashish Nehra in to the team.” “Yeah, it was indeed silly. I however have a feel that Dhoni will somehow manage it. He is such a logical person when it comes to crisis management. If he was there in the Asia cup, India would have definitely won it.”

“Yeah, even I was thinking the same. This Dinesh Karthik guy was a complete mess.” Narayan finished the last sip of his tea and placed the mug as he said, “Indeed he was. However, we can’t blame our team completely. This Afridi guy was a miracle, he is god sent to the team on that day.” Varun added up excitedly, “Ya dad. This guy was almost dead for like 5 years and all of a sudden he came and he created a miracle.”

“That’s why I am telling you, Team India needs Dhoni. More than just playing, he has excellent leadership skills and top it up he has lovely decision making skills.” Varun patiently listened to what his father told, Narayan continued, “Decision making is a cognitive process. It has a lot of attributes that will determine how well the decision is made. Dhoni has both rational and irrational decision making skills.” “Huh, Decision making, cognitive, rational, and irrational – Dad, I can see the IIM terms coming out from you.” “Ha ha, you can take a MBA graduate out of IIM but you can never take IIM out of the MBA graduate.”

“I wish I picked up to do higher studies” said Varun in a serious tone. “What’s stopping you? You did prepare for CAT 3 years back but you never gave the exam. I am pretty sure you would have cleared it up.” “Dad, but I was upset, broken, and totally lost. Swapna got married and hells broke loose inside me.” “I can empathize; I don’t want to be a strict dad who says love ruins your life. Love is crap, etc. I too loved, and lost. It is better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all, son.”

“Does mom know about it?” asked Varun. “Mom knows what – hmmm”, asked Jayashree who came near the couch with a cup of steaming hot coffee. Varun was shocked, however Narayan moved a little and his wife half sat on him and half sat on the couch. “I know about your dad’s unfulfilled love and your dad also told me about your unfulfilled love.” Varun stared at his dad. It was as if his whole privacy was breached. His mom answered his unasked question, “See, although he and I had arranged marriage we decided to be compatible and close like a couple who knew each other prior to marriage.” Her husband backed her up, “Believe it or not, I met your mom on the day of out engagement which was just a day before our wedding. It wasn’t love at first sight; it was love at every sight.” Varun shifted his position a little so that he could comfortably view both of them.

“Do you think I will ever find a girl like mom?” he asked innocently. “No, definitely no. My wife is a masterpiece. No substitutes.” Jayashree lovingly pinched her husband and said, “Stop teasing him” she addressed Varun and said, “There is a girl out there for you. Don’t find another mother in her; don’t try to find another Swapna in her.  As your dad said, ever girl is a masterpiece. When you find a girl who swept you off your feet, love her for what she is and not for what you want her to be.” Narayan hugged his wife as he added, “Your mom nailed it Varun, see I found my better half in your mom because when I married her I had no expectations. When you have no expectations, you will be more prone to get surprises from life.”

“But the question is where the girl who will sweep me off my feet is? How will I ever find her?” questioned Varun. “She will be out somewhere, anywhere. You will easily recognize her, because she will be the one who brings the best in you and removes the worst from you like how your mom did to me.”





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