The Revenge Of Kaivalya – Sumana Khan – A Review

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First of all, my heartfelt apologies for posting the review at the eleventh hour. I was having a busy vacation, lot of StyleBook posts to follow. Watch this space! Well, coming to the current post, thanks to Write Tribe and Sumana Khan for sending me this lovely book for review. This is my first book review via Write Tribe. The Revenge Of Kaivalya is a supernatural thriller that gave me chills and thrills at the right places, and if you think that this is yet another cheesy horror story then you are prejudging because this is not just a horror story.

A brief about the book and the lady behind it!

Title: The Revenge Of Kaivalya

Language: English

Author: Sumana Khan

Paperback: 392 pages

Genre: Horror/Supernatural thriller

Publisher: Westland

Price: Rs. 350

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FB Fan Page: The Revenge Of Kaivalya

Author’s Blog: This & That

Having given all these details, let me go straight into the review of this book but before that take a look at the book’s front and back cover (Blurb).


Stri’s Take On The Book:

After a long time, I lay hands on a super natural thriller novel without even knowing that it is a thriller. Well, I didn’t read any reviews or spoilers before reading this book therefore I had this wonderful feel while reading it, to maintain the same for you guys I will restrict from quoting any spoilers. Sumana Khan caught my eye with the very first page itself, from the first page to the last chapter she had me glued to the book. The book is something that will make you question your knowledge because it is quite hard to resonate as the point of view changes in a rapid fashion. This makes the book more curious and fun to read. What starts as the story of Kaivalya , a mysterious orphan who has come to haunt lives of many takes a magnificent turn to show a psychopath (you might fall in love with this psychopath – yeah!) and from there we are showed an innocent love story of Tara who then gets possessed by Kaivalya. All through these, you will have only one question throughout your mind -WHY? Then, suddenly things start to fall in place in a logical pattern.

What’s WOW?

1. The book kept me glued to it that I finished it on one go.

2. Sumana Khan has does a brilliant background research since the story has got lot of historical references that looked realistic yet strangely fictitious.

3. The spine chills – Yeah, that’s what we except from a super natural thriller, those nail biting moments those chill that run on our spine – TROK has it all.

4. The narration – The author will sweep you off your feet with her brilliant narration. When she has mentioned about the looks of Kaivalya – you literally could see Kaivalya in your bedroom.

What’s Oops?

1. With so many characters and different point of views in the story, you might feel little confused and at times you might need to stop and recall the whole thing. Thus, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Rating: 4/5

Will I recommend it?

Obviously. Go for it!

~Stay Gorgeous!


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