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Shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair care – Damn, they just turn me on more than the hottest guy in the universe. Yup, who doesn’t love their hair? Well, at least the hair on their head! So, when IndiBlogger came up with review for Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo+Conditioner contest I immediately applied; result? I got these lovely gift wrapped free samples.


Sunsilk is one of my favorite brands and by far my most preferred and recommended brand. Yeah, I have tried all the Sunsilk hair care products and narrowed down to Yellow Sunsilk for few years. The brand comes up with products that are very much suitable for Indian hair and also they have wide range of products in different varieties for different hair.

You can visit the Sunsilk website here: Sunsilk

You can visit the FB fan page here: Sunsilk FB Page

So here is my take after using the shampoo and conditioner which is co-created by Jamal Hammadi and has ginseng root oil.




Rate: 180ml @ Rs. 132

The shampoo is quite similar to the other Sunsilk shampoos with brilliant fragrance, no tangles after washing, smoothen the hair, and above all is paraben free. Although this is not a totally natural shampoo it is better and milder than most of its counterparts.

What’s WOW?

  1. The price is really affordable and quite worthy.
  2. The shampoo has a brilliant and natural fragrance that is comparatively mild yet long lasting.
  3. It is paraben free.
  4. Sunsilk Natural Recharge makes your hair look strong and full of volume.
  5. The effect lasts for 30-40 hours.

What’s OOPS?

  1. After 40 hours hair gets dry.
  2. The shampoo doesn’t solve any other issues like hair fall, dandruff, etc.




Rate: Rs 64 for 80ml

The conditioner is the perfect accomplice to the shampoo and it makes the hair look smooth and soft. It also leaves a brilliant fragrance that makes the heads turn.

What’s WOW?

  1. The rates are really affordable for the goodies present.
  2. The conditioner provides smoothness without disturbing the abundant look of the hair.
  3. The fragrance is very pleasant and absolutely gracious.

What’s OOPS?

  1. The effect lasts only for a day or two at the maximum.

Do I recommend the product? Yes definitely.

Will I use this product? No, mine is chemical treated hair.

Rating: 3.75/5




Add your thoughts! They will make me Smile :)

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