Which way to go?

“Mom, no I am not marrying anyone”, Pavithra said.

“How long will you be thinking about Rishi? You must forget him Pavi” her mom retorted.

Pavithra has clearly decided about which way to go, the way was living with dead Rishi’s memories.




  1. Ah, such a sad tale. But then, I suspect a heart capable of loving so strongly will love again. Nice job – thanks for linking up!


  2. That must be so hard for her to do- letting go. But in her own interest, she must make the move, when she is comfortable. Liked the take on the question, Sri 🙂


  3. Love never dies. True. But then new love also comes which doesn’t replace but rather builds upon the old love, renews it in a way. Life’s ways are indeed strange. Nicely penned, Sri 🙂


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