Sorry. Again? Can he purge his sins? – Book Review

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Ten days back, I got this book for review by debutant author Amit Singh who wanted me to review this self-published debut novel of his which he has published via Amazon. This is an unbiased review in exchange for the e-book. The readers who would love to read this book can download it from . If you are a book reviewer or a blogger with book review based blog do contact Amit Singh at his FB Page – Sorry. Again? to review his book for exchange of a free pdf.

Blurb of the book from the author’s own words:

Sid is the inevitable effect of what a small town upbringing brings to the city life. A self-confessed “unromantic”, somewhere in his simple exterior lies a weak preacher, whose yardsticks of life change radically when the unpredictability of life starts experimenting with him.

Anushka, armed with her unselfconscious beauty and poisons imbued into her life, has declared war on the world of men from a young age.

Their romance, even after her protest, is ignited by a train robbery that becomes unforgettable for reasons other than the robbery, catches the warmth because of an adolescent romance that reaches consummation, but remains within the periphery because of a live-in relationship that is on the verge of break-up.

They fall in love, but somebody is not happy with their relationship. Sid is threatened. Will he rise above his fear this time?

What is the book all about?

This is an everyday tale – yeah, this is some tale that we may relate to ourselves or to people we know. It can’t be downrightly classified as Romance genre or thriller genre. This novel has a blend of romance, suspense, little bit of melodrama, and above all some witty moments too.

This book is the one that you can prefer for a quick grab during train journeys or a single day read. The story moves poignantly and you will not feel much bored once you get into the story.

What’s WOW?

  1. Story – Yeah, the story is a big wow and major plus to the book. Amit has written the story brilliantly with some relatable screenplay that takes along with the story.
  2. No Fuss – There is no fuss, none at all in description of the characters or events. The story and the protagonists are kept as simple and as natural as possible.
  3. Nail Biting Moments – A successful book is the one that makes us feel glued to it throughout and Sorry. Again? manages to do it to some extent.

What’s Oops?

  1. Narration – You can witness that the narration is by a debutant author because at bits and pieces you feel that narration is pulling the story down and I hope it improves in course of time with his other books.

Will I recommend it?

Do give it a read sometime on your tab while travel or for light read.



Price of eBook: Rs. 99

About the Author of the book!

Name: Amit Singh



Passion: Writing

Profession: Banker

Qualification: Chartered Accountant

He is a chartered accountant and a banker for the past 9 years. He is married to somebody, whom he was in love since he was fourteen. She is presently a homemaker but an extremely busy woman; really, it takes a lot to raise a six years old kid (his daughter) and the toddler in him.

The facebook page of the book:

The facebook page of the author:

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