Short Fiction – Drabble – Triple Dhamaka

I have written 3 drabbles (100 words fiction) based on WriteTribe Prompt – s/he wished s/he knew then what s/he knew now


“Please moderate:” was her mail’s subject and she opened it to see that someone has commented on her post which was written years back. She smiled at the comment and somehow she ended up reading her whole post and the previous posts too. She regretted few posts that had grammar errors and she smiled at few posts that were close to her heart. There weren’t any comments in any of her posts that were posted at that time. She is an ace blogger and all her posts get minimum 50+ comments. She wished she knew then what she knew now.


She travelled almost 500 miles to meet him and fortunately they were alone. He hugged her tightly as they gazed at the rain drizzling from his balcony. “I love you da” she said. “I love you too” he whispered in her ears. There was unstoppable sexual urgency between both of them. This is the first time they met after she accepted his love. He moved away from her and said, “Let’s watch movies”. She respected him more. She wished she knew then what she knew now for she had made him wait for almost 3 years before saying a yes.


He massaged her bosoms softly and kissed her neck. It was magical for she wanted nothing but his skin on hers. The enchanted bliss was broken when he screamed, “No, it’s paining.” This wasn’t the first time this had happened. He always had a problem when it came to penetration. It’s been a year now and she could take it no longer and she said to her mom about this who suggested circumcision. When she said about it to him he wished he knew then what he knew now else he wouldn’t have run away from the clinic years ago.




  1. Creative three stories, Sri 🙂
    The 1st one is so true for Newbie Bloggers. It’s all about the ‘comments’ 🙂


  2. Absolutely love all three. Beautifully woven posts and its been long I haven’t participated in WT prompts. Time to get set post A to Z and LS polls:) It was a kinda hibernation to train my pen on election posts…hehe


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