Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 6

“Karthik, Aaradhana has fainted”, these 4 words lingered in his mind. He wondered how come she could have fainted. She hasn’t gone to mysore yet and she was just couple of miles away covering a summer camp. He tried to keep calm and drove to the summer camp.

Their friend Pooja’s call was disturbing him. He was mentally cursing Aaradhana for her poor stamina. Even after warning her umpteen number of times to eat properly she never did it. He reached 2miles in 2 minutes but the two minutes were the worst and longest two minutes of his life.

“Aaradhana?” he gestured to Pooja who was standing in the parking lot. “Come with me”, she said. As they reached inside there was grave silence. “How she fainted?” he asked trying to sound as calm as possible. “Well, she fell from err the ladder while clicking photos”, Pooja said with hesitation. All his inner peace was shattering and whatever calmness he has till now broke into pieces. He looked devastated as he entered the medical center of the summer camp.






  1. hmmmm i am sure eating healthy wont have prevented aaradhana from slipping from the ladder .. she need to be more careful …

    but it is as you say when we her something like that , on phone all hell breaks lose and we think of all possible bad things in those few moments ..

    this is one of the worst things i fear living in uk, when the phone rings very early in the morning .. its like Oh no whats happened ..



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