Karthik – Aaradhana – Snippet 5

Karthik’s phone rang and he picked it up monotonously. He was missing Aaradhana who was gone for an official trip to Mysore. As he spoke on the phone, he stood frozen. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. His head was spinning and he gradually sat on the chair. All the memories of Aaradhana rushed forward, her smile, her chirpy voice, and her smiling eyes. “No. Why my Aaradhana?”, he thought. It was just today morning she had called and said, “I miss you Karthik, I want to be with you forever”. Her forever hasn’t even lasted for 24 hours.

Someone tapped on his shoulders and he screamed as he saw Aaradhana or was it the spirit of Aaradhana in white dress. “Idiot, wake up. We need to go to the NGOs to collect some news”, she said. “Your tour, your accident?” he stammered. “What are you blabbering?” she asked as she hit him on his back. He realized that he had been dreaming and immediately hugged her.

Later that afternoon, their boss called Aaradhana and said, “I want you to go to Mysore for an official meeting”. Karthik was petrified when he heard this from Aaradhana.





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